It's Just A Waffle Iron

it's just a waffle iron

I got out of bed just after 5 this morning, unable to fall back to sleep after the second thunderstorm rolled through and rocked Northern California overnight. Today was the last day of kindergarten for my not so little man, so I decided to make waffles. I put on the coffee and mixed the batter. I plugged in the waffle iron and poured myself a cup of coffee. The coffee was hot, but the waffle iron was not. I tried a different outlet, but still no heat. I made pancakes instead.

My waffle iron is dead and my son is no longer a kindergartener. I'm a little sad.

I received the waffle iron at my wedding shower 11 years ago this month. I remember making waffles on the end table in the living room when our kitchen was torn up during our first remodel, way before kids came into the picture.

I'm going to a wedding shower this weekend. George's nephew is getting married, and his wife-to-be calls us Uncle George and Aunt Molly. We are uncle and aunt to a couple about to be married. They will probably receive a waffle iron as a wedding present. They will make many heart shaped waffles. But one morning, they will wake up and find that their waffle iron has died a cold death.

I hope they don't worry that it's an omen, a sign of big changes on the horizon. Because really, it's just a waffle iron.

Pancakes anyone?


  1. I love this post. Very funny. Thunderstorms in Northern California in June! That is ominous in itself. I went to a friend's wedding in the Bay Area more than a decade ago. It was a May wedding...supposed to be beautiful...but it was overcast and windy. You couldn't hear anything the officiant was saying because the ravens cawed loudly as they circled overhead. The candles could not be lit and the altar of flowers blew over. And yet they are still happily married.

  2. We got a waffle iron as a wedding gift from some friends of my in-laws. I'd registered for it without Gary knowing and was delighted when I opened it. He was befuddled and wanted to take it back (we had similarly opposite reactions about the crock pot, until I made his first pot roast in it). There's something so perfectly homey about waffles. Homemade waffles. Mine is 9 and going strong.

  3. AnonymousJune 05, 2009

    but it was your waffle iron that you have had for eleven years and that you got as a wedding present.

    it was a special waffle iron. i like pancakes.

  4. I have been searching for the perfect bridal shower gift for my niece and you hit it dead-on. A heart-shaped waffle iron, for sure.


  5. Oh. You just reminded me of our waffle iron. I will find it and make waffles next Friday. My children will be leaving grade 8. Yikes.

  6. As I tell my younger SIL's, you can celebrate each milestone and look forward to the next (glass half full), or doom yourself to tears and medication each time something new replaces the old in your kids lives (glass with a leak). I so glad most of them chose to be happy, and the rotten apple in the bunch is officialy divorced from my brother and the rest of the family.

    Oh, and those silly Bride's omens? Wouldn't be sitting here with 23 years under my belt if I gave them much thought. I think it's those nasty Bridal Magazines and the greedy Bridal Industry that make those up, so you'll buy into more of their unneeded, unused stuff.

  7. My waffle iron died about 7 years into our marriage and we are still going strong! We will celebrate 12 years this month! It is just a waffle iron!

  8. Beautiful post...we had pancakes for breakfast today too. Waffle iron is the perfect gift! Nothing better than coffee and waffles together in the morning while in jammies.

  9. Life passages, the son is no longer in Kindergarten, you are no longer a young bride. How does this happen? I went to my son's fiance's bridal shower last month - wedding in 8 days - and had a similar realization. I was now of the age that gave the showers, not received them. When did that happen?
    The diamond in my wedding ring fell out while we were camping on our 12th anniversary. That was 18 years ago. :D

  10. i used to save things and not use them for fear of their early demise...now i use away! i figure it is better to use it, take care of it, and enjoy it, then to have it still in a box collecting dust....and now you can get the george foreman grill with 5 removable/dishwasher safe plates! it comes with two griddle irons! i totally love mine!!!!!! lol!

  11. We've been having the craziest thunder storms up here in Oregon too. Yesterday I was debating whether or not to unplug the television to avoid explosion should we be hit by lightening.

    We have a belgian waffle maker from CostCo. I love it because it flips over to start cooking. Somehow this makes me feel like a real chef. Sadly it doesn't get as much use as it ought to.

    Me, I'm freaked out because one of our nieces is a school teacher. A GROWN UP! Clearly I am old.

  12. I received my first waffle iron at my high school graduation (weird gift, no?) It still works - probably because I don't use it as much as you do!! Feel free to borrow ours :)

    The kids are growing too fast!!

  13. I think I need a waffle iron.

  14. Oh, sweet Molly.
    Sure, with extra syrup and butter. And a little slug of something in the coffee.
    Hug in the form of a heart-shaped waffle.

  15. thank you for the perspective. we're often guilty of reading too much into things, no? we almost had pancakes for dinner tonight... maybe saturday's breakfast if i get up early like you. i loved the thunder up here yesterday, but calder wasn't so sure. we had to get a couple theraputic books from the library to attempt to alter his view.

  16. Pancakes are good, but you can't be without a waffle iron for too long! Those little nooks and crannies just call out for FUN!

  17. AnonymousJune 06, 2009

    perhaps because i didn't get a waffle iron for my wedding that's why we didn't make it?

    sorry for your loss.

  18. I really must get a waffle iron! I don't think I can wait for my wedding.

  19. I sure do wish my waffle iron was in the shape of hearts. I can imagine that makes them taste all the better.

    Anniversary this month? Mine too. Happy number 11!~

  20. Excellent post, as usual!!
    I notice in your sidebar you enjoy Barefoot Contessa marshmallows!! They are also a family favorite at my house : )

  21. The waffle iron we use is from my aunt & it's from the like 1940's or something! It's seriously got a cloth covered plug. It still works & is heavy as all get out! Sorry your waffle iron died.

  22. Like the old saying goes: It's always just a waffle iron.

    I had a dream one night that even though the nature around is so beautiful, this is actually the cruelest of the worlds our souls will live in because everything is left to chance and nothing is meant to happen or meaningful. Uugh.

    I've got to stop sleeping so soundly.

  23. Oh hon! I hear ya. It really does seem sometimes like you wake up and the movie caption says "10 years later" doesn't it?

  24. AnonymousJune 09, 2009

    Waffle irons - we are on our third one (first one was a wedding gift 20 years ago!). We love waffles and have them about once a week! Go get another one!


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