One Life To Live

There are days when I think to myself, "This is not the life I want to live."

Days when I wake up my son to get ready for school before the sun has come up.
Days when I have to pay bills or get my taxes done.
Days when I put the kids to bed a mere ten minutes after daddy gets home from work.

But then there are other days. Blessed days. Few and far between days when I think, "This is exactly the life I want to live."

Days when we go on a family bike ride to pick up a pizza for dinner.
Days when my girlfriend picks me up and we go to a play.
Days when we spend every waking minute in our yard, planning, scheming, dreaming of the future of our small plot of land.

the chicks

This past weekend yielded two such days. We set up a makeshift chicken run over an empty garden bed and let the girls play in the dirt all day.

A boy and his chicks

Aidan spent hours in the dirt with them.

I laid on the front porch and soaked up the sun while reading about the real history of Johnny Appleseed. Michael Pollan is genius. So is a front porch made of brick.

I could hear George and Avery talking in the backyard while they spread mulch around our newly planted orchard (2 apples, 2 almonds, 1 pear, 1 asian pear, 1 nectarine, 1 peach).

pomegranate trees

I marveled over the new leaves emerging from our three pomegranate trees and thought about the real forbidden fruit.

time for more tea

I drank a lot of tea.

i am a wood nymph

I took a lot of pictures.


And at the end of the day, I crashed. Yes, this is exactly the kind of life I want to live.


  1. Sounds perfect! Hope you have a week full of much of the same :)!

  2. I was thinking yesterday that it WAS the perfect day. The weather, the boys playing outside, the laughter over the fence. It was almost like summer :)

  3. great day!! Look at your girls getting so big already!

  4. Lovely. A friend of mine, who has three kids, always says, "These are the longest days and the shortest years." So profound.

    You're enjoying Michael Pollan, yes?

  5. fantastic! i know exactly how you feel x

  6. a great weekend!
    it's good when this happens...so very good.

  7. i love this, Molly. we have a really small yard but since we moved in, we've been trying to maximize its potential in much the same ways. in some ways, we live in a worrisome time, but in others, the shift i see happening about all these things, gardening, and food, and awareness, is pretty darn exciting!

  8. delicious. thanks for sharing. :)

  9. I love days like this. Makes up for all the icky ones.

    Have a great week! Karen

  10. I just had three great springs on its way day like this just now too. I want to know about Michale Pollan's Johnny Appleseed book. Which one is it? Nicolas and I are getting to go to a small dinner with him in a few weeks!!

  11. I remember how that felt. When my sons were growing, I'd look around the dinner table at their happy, laughing faces and think, YES! this is how it's meant to be. I've been told it's called Living in the Moment, so hard for me to do. :)

  12. that was so good that I think I will go read it again.

  13. I love your chicken pictures! Seriously it warms my heart. I can't wait until our chickens come ... estimated delivery date April 20th. I'm counting on mine doing some serious weeding of our dirt patch.

    And your orchard sounds just perfect! We have a peach tree and a prune tree (really - prunes). Plus our neighbors have an apricot tree which, in good years, drops apricots over our fence. We live in the high desert and things don't grow as well here as in the valley. Nevertheless I can't wait until things warm up and I can plant.

    Great post.

  14. Oh Molly! That's perfect!

    I LOVE the silhouette shot. And the fact that you now have an orchard.

    And did I just count 10 little chickies?

  15. sounds like a great day to me...

    oh happy day :o)


  16. I counted 10 babies now! You've officially got the fever! We'll have to meet up to sell at the farmer's market together. We'll make a sign that says, "Got Eggs???" Ok, I think I need to go to bed now...daylight savings--it's a killer!

  17. Our car is in for repairs. I normally walk to and from school with the girls but today I had to do the shopping old style and use my feet and the pram. When ella was small we did everything on foot, life was easy and not rushed. Poor Leila babe, second child, life is busier and I haven't always remembered to slow down and just take my time doing things. today we just enjoyed every minute - however mundane the activities. I can completely relate and even if every day isn't exactly as we'd wish, at least if we're acknowledging that it could be better - that's better than not noticing at all??!

  18. love the shadow. and aiden in the dirt with those chickens. and that girl and her dad with those trees. what sweet memories - what play did you see?

  19. Sounds like a perfect day!
    Thanks for sharing it.

  20. What a wonderful post! Thank you for sharing your wonderful day in such a beautiful way!

  21. oh happy chickens. my girls are big now but I love them just like when they were tiny. They love to follow me around the garden in hopes that i will turn over some long forgotten board and give them a tasty treat!

    it is true, sharing a simple life full of hard work and sweat leads me to a sense of fulfillment

  22. Your moments sound and look lovely!

  23. BTW, I'm glad you'll be posting more on the GMO food thing. I watched a documentary a while back and it freaked me out. I think I need another mom to break it to me gently. I did find a great flour that states it's not from GMO plants. I checked out the links too. Looking forward to more information! Thanks!

  24. magical, thank you for sharing it with us.....

  25. (Not trying to sound sarcastic) Must be nice. I know I would love to live that kind of life without having a full time job. Once I get my photography business off the ground and I can successfully work from home, I'll write a similar blog and we can compare. (Again, I'm being sincere!)

  26. I love that book, also. I just blogged about it recently! Weird. Right now I am reading his "Second Nature" about gardening. Of course, you can imagine it's not really a gardening book.

  27. What a lovely day. I love your "in real life" photos too. They have their own beauty.

    Thank you for sharing!

  28. What a wonderful day...the chickens are adorable! I especially love all the fruit trees you've planted.

    I couldn't find an email for you and am wondering if I could link to your blog?

  29. Here's to more days like those!

  30. Sounds and looks perfect.

  31. I too just planted a small "postage stamp" orchard. Almond?! What zone are you in I would love to plant one, but not sure if I'm in the right zone! I love those kind of days. We had chickens last year and loved every minute of it until a I've got nothing better to do than complain about others neighbor that lives across the street and 4 houses down turned us in to the HOA. We are now plotting to sneak bantys in in the dark of night........


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