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While my daughter is reading books about boys,

the boy and his chick

my boy has taken to hanging out with chicks. Meet Sally May, Aidan's main squeeze. A week after getting our first batch of chicks, we picked up two Ameraucana chicks. Avery named one of the Ameraucana's Aquamarine, Aqua for short, in anticipation of the beautiful eggs we hope she'll start laying later this summer.

It's hard to believe that the original eight chickens are one month old already. They've passed the baby phase and are starting to look like gawky teenagers.


This is Smally, the chick we nursed back to health. She truly is smaller than the rest of the chicks, but what she lacks for in size she makes up for in courage. She strays farther from the flock in search of tasty worms. It's a riot to watch her when she catches one - it's as if she doesn't quite know what to do with it. She runs around, drawing attention to herself, trying to find a safe place to eat it; but of course, the other chickens chase her and often steal the worm away.

When it comes to eating worms, the Buff Orpingtons know exactly what to do. Gulp. One quick swallow, and the worm is gone.


This is Bess. I shouldn't admit this, but she's my favorite, and for very superficial reasons. She is the prettiest chick. Big, plump, and soft. Just like a chicken should be.

We've named all but two or three of the chicks. It has taken me a while to tell them apart and keep track of each individual chicken, but distinguishing traits and unique personalities are starting to emerge. We call one of the Delaware chicks "Mama Bird" because she seems to be the mother hen of the group. She squawks loudly when away from the rest of the girls. I keep this in mind when putting them back in their coop - I don't put her in first or last, simply because her squawking breaks my heart. I like to think she's maternal, but perhaps she's just insecure. Or maybe she's neither of these things, and I'm just guilty of anthropomorphism.

I asked Honey Bunny what she thinks about the chicks.

honey bunny

She tolerates the girls, but I bet she's thinking, "Lady, you're a crackpot. It's like freaking Easter in this backyard. Don't you dare try and put a bow tie and patchwork vest on me. And you can forget about me carrying around a basket filled with eggs, even if they are chocolate."

No worries Honey Bunny. I'm not really the Easter kind of girl. I'm just grateful that all my backyard friends have me spending a lot more time outside. I could watch the chickens all day long.


  1. Molly, I feel for you with your struggle to keep track of those names! We have 13 chicks now and the kids have named each of them-- crazy names like "Moonwalker," "Charlie Brown" and "Falcoln." I too have to fess up and admit I have a favorite-- I call her Blue and she was a last minute addition when we went back for Ameracaunas. (She's not an Ameracauna-- she just called out to me!!!)

  2. HA! I am glad my daughter wasn't around when I opened your blog, as she has this thing right now that she absolutely NEEDS a RABBIT, ugh, no thank you, been there done that.

  3. your chicks are big! I am amazed at the changes I see everyday in our chicks. We have six. Yes, they are all named but I struggle with knowing exactly who is who. Ours are still inside. too cold out still. I too like just watching them.

  4. Whoa! You guys are serious chicken farmers! That's a pretty big flock!
    It's so fun, isn't it, when their little personalities begin to emerge? I never would have believed that chickens had individual little selves if I hadn't seen it myself!

  5. LOL Oh my! This post made me laugh so hard! I envy you for being able to do this! I am pretty sure the city wouldn't allow us to have chickens! They are looking bigger.
    How fun!

  6. I just love that little gangly stage when they start growing into big chickens. I've found that when they get older it's much easier to keep track of them and their names--their personalities are a bit more developed, I guess.

  7. i'm with you on the chicken watching. you'll love all those eggs!

  8. They're getting so big!! I'll have to take mine out of the run (with dogs in house) and take some photos of them having fun. They're 8 weeks and almost 7 weeks old now. It's going so fast!

  9. Love your
    Daughters ~ Boys
    Boy ~ Chicks
    connection!! Too funny!

  10. still laughing at Honey Bunny - love a sarcastic bunny!

  11. oh honey bunny is too cute, I get the same look from our bunny, but it is usually in reference to the cat! It is so funny that you say you could watch the chickens all day. My husband was doing that the other day and I went out and said "what are you doing?" and he said "just hanging with the girls, don't worry it's a chicken farmer thing."

  12. Your opening line is HILARIOUS.

    And you are going to have some of the most beautiful eggs imaginable soon...can't wait to see pics of the pretty hues.

  13. it was a pretty big relief to read that you guys have 8+(?) chickens. as you may have read, i'm a little worried that we ordered too many. but, it's fun to think of a whole crew of hens living it up in our yard. and i know i'll remember their names at some point. maybe we'll be goofs and name them jack & kack & mack & nack & ... you get the idea. after seeing our neighbor's buff orps i'm anticipating some lovely girls. we've got a while to wait until they arrive, but i'm sure the time will fly, and we've got a lot to do to get ready.

  14. Wow, what a beautiful picture you have planted in my mind - thank you for sharing such lovely thoughts and pictures.

  15. We've found that in a flock of just hens one will be the top lady, the rooster per se keeping check on everything, especailly the best feed.

  16. you have no idea what a delight this is to read about! i am absolutely committed to finding a way to bring chickens into my life, despite the completely hard-scaped back yard and lack of space. they are beautiful!!! i hope you publish pictures of all the amazing egg dishes you will be making...

  17. I'm so excited for your future multicolored eggs! It is indeed hilarious that it is like Easter in your backyard, though. It would be the same here, though, although the bunnies are wild.

  18. Thank you for helping me to get over my irrational fear of chickens.

  19. love those bitty chicks and aren't fresh eggs the best?
    sweet bunny : )

  20. that bunny is way too cute!!

  21. Molly, we have a bunny now too (our chickens came first by a few weeks!) and I have to ask--where do you guys keep yours? Does rabbit live alone in a run or a hutch? With others?


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