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yellow, day 3

"Back To Basics". Easily one of our family's favorite books. If George isn't reading it, Avery is. Every once in a while I get a turn too. I scored this book at the thrift store last year, but you can get a revised edition at Amazon. Having this book is like having Ma and Pa Ingalls sitting on the bookshelf, just waiting to share their wealth of knowledge on everything from growing, preserving, fermenting, baking, cooking, cobbling, weaving, sewing, building. You name it, it's in there. Want to make soap? Braid a rug? Dress a rabbit? Make a coonskin hat? Stuff your own sausage? There is a wealth of information in this big yellow book.

We've referred to it quite a lot lately to assist us with some new "pet" projects - but they're not yellow, so I'll have to share them next week. Well actually, a few are yellow, but I haven't taken any pictures yet.

I'm thoroughly enjoying Yellow Week - a big thanks to Erin for the assignment! I'm seeing yellow everywhere.

yellow in the pantry

Here's some yellow from my pantry. I bought George the organic spaghetti-O's for Valentine's Day. As much as we love getting "back to basics" and cooking from scratch, George loves meals in a can every once in a while. He loves potatoes from a box too, but I refuse to buy them for him. The canned spaghetti is all his; I'll take the polenta please. The mustard tin holds our colored chalk.

Welcome to those of you who are visiting via Whip-Up, Craftzine or One Pretty Thing - I'm honored that my crochet covered rock has been featured in so many great places. It took me two days to work up the tutorial, so I'm glad I can share it with so many people. I think that post led George to have the dream about my blogging. It might be a while before I can write up another tutorial; or maybe I can just buy George a box of instant mashed potatoes and ask him to ignore me while I blog.

Thanks to Simply Stork for featuring me today on her blog, and a big thanks to all of you who have left encouraging comments this week. Hope you're all enjoying Yellow Week as much as I am!


  1. ooh awesome book! I just took a book about self sufficient living back to the library -it looks similar.

    I know what your new project is and I cannot wait for photos. btw, mine is working out okay. Everyone has gotten over the loss (except probably Gunnar). Your comment made me laugh - I'm glad I'm the talk of the neighborhood. ;)

  2. “Back to Basics” is one of our family-favorite browsing books as well. While looking at it our kiddos will call out “Hey, did you know we can make our own……” I borrowed the updated version from the library and the day I returned it I notice the older version on the library’s For Sale shelf. I love when things like that work out. It turned out to be one of my husband’s favorite Cmas gifts.

  3. My man loves the occasional spaghetti from a can and potatoes from a box. Every once in a while he'll go to the grocery store and come back with things that look more like provisions for a bomb shelter than food. What is that?

    We totally have to check out that book! Thanks for pointing it out!

  4. Congratulations on being featured in so many great places! That's exciting.

    We all have our weaknesses for food that doesn't seem appropriate, don't we? I do like my boxed macaroni and cheese every so often.

  5. Hmmmm.
    Yellow week? Canned pasta?
    Never know where you're going next!
    My new comfort food is Edamame with the Thai seasoning. I just NEED to fix it, and surprise Mom for a simple dinner.
    I guess I'll need to see that book too, never know when we'll need it!
    Love Dad

  6. Totally one of my favorite books. I've made the moccasins a couple times. :)

  7. I missed taking photos for yellow week...but I have sure enjoyed looking at them...Who's a thought there were so many "yellow" things around...so cool!

    thanks for posting my link...I have been walking around with pockets full of rocks since the first crocheted rock you posted...thank you so much for the tutorial :o)


  8. My Dad had that book when I was little... I wonder whatever happened to it.

  9. I'm enjoying reading your blog. Thanks for the tip about the book "back to the basics." It sounds like one we need to add to our library.

  10. Ordered the book. i usually get books from the library. I rarely buy books, but this looks like one I want to own!
    Thanks! Have a great weekend! Karen :)

  11. ok....i think i need that book.
    and can't wait to see photos of your new project. i think i can guess what it is!!!

  12. Hey! I have that book, but I admit I have never once opened it. Guess I should go save it from our neglected bookshelf in the basement!

  13. How to dress a rabbit?? I need to get one of those for Jeff!

    Congrats on getting featured everywhere!!!

  14. I will look for that book at the library. I just finished reading A Plain Life and Plain Reader, they are slow reads but I enjoyed them so much I am going to buy them. I long for a more simple *plain* life.

  15. You have lots of great ideas and activities here on your blog. Thanks for sharing them with us. I was wondering if we may have your permission to link to your chocolate playdough recipe (Dec. 08) on our educational site? We would like to share your idea by giving you credit and linking back to your site. Please let us know if that would be okay with you!

  16. Benen smiled when he saw George's picture and started petting it and kissing it.
    Guess George was a hit:)

  17. I love the idea of instant mashed potato bribery. Go for it!

  18. I've got that very same book- handed down to me from my dad. I remember spending hours looking through it as a kid. These days I acutally use it from time to time and will be pulling down from the top shelf so my kids can enjoy it, too.

  19. That book is fantastic! It's packed full of everything you need to know. Everything. We also take turns reading it. Matter of fact, I think I could have that same picture, just a different guy behind the book! :)

  20. Congratulations!
    No I have a taste for Spaghetti-O's!

  21. I saw those speghetti o's last night for the first time at trader joes and thought of you.


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