The Year of the Backyard

After years of focusing on the inside of the house, it's time to turn our attention outside. Our backyard: the final frontier; the wild west. I rarely post pictures taken in our backyard, and for good reason. It's a disaster.

But we've had a couple of sunny days, with highs in the 50s, and progress has been made.

concrete, broken

Concrete has been broken up and stacked to form retaining walls and pathways.


Dirt has been shoveled and relocated.

Bulbs have been fooled by this unseasonable weather and have started to bloom.

early bloomer

There's a lot more work to be done in the backyard. It certainly won't happen overnight, especially at the pace we like to work.


So we're giving ourselves all year. 2009 will be the year of the backyard. Perhaps 2010 will be the year we enjoy the fruits of our labor. We're definitely enjoying the fruits, or should I say vegetables, of all the work we did in our front yard last year.

chinese mustard greens

Aidan says 2009 is the year of his room. He has some big plans for his small space.

Avery says 2009 is the year of the Ipod. She has a lot of songs to add to her new Shuffle.

What about you? What will be your focus this year?


  1. Love the Tonka loader pic! I think this is the year I get some kind of a handle on the chaos in my home. Maybe get rid of stuff that's just clutter and just get my house calm.

  2. 2009 is my year of wedding planning & starting a new chapter in my life!

  3. I think our High today was 12 , I look forward to someday having a backyard. Till then , oh how i love buckets :)

  4. good for you! We need to regain control of our back yard from the dogs. Ugh.''

    Here, I think we'll call it the year of exploration. New ideas, new places, new adventures. First adventure is homeschooling for Annika. Let the exploration commence!

  5. ok blooms! unfair. ;)
    this is my year of romance (i hope) to reconnect. being momma 24-7 365 sometimes clouds all of that. so that is my "theme" i am saying....

  6. I'm a new-comer to your blog, and just love it!

    For me, this will be the year of returning to simplicity :)

  7. 2009 is my year of simplicity...
    appreciating life's simple pleasures... letting go of drama... and basking in the love and joy of my family and friends...
    happy new year bloggy friend!

  8. I love that picture of the shovel...so good.
    This is the year of the basement, I suppose. Now, why hasn't anyone ever written a song about that, I wonder?
    What state are you in (geographically speaking) that your bulbs are blooming?
    Keep the pictures coming! tt.

  9. Can't wait to see what 'blooms' in your backyard. This year, for me, it is the year of the nest. Nurturing what we have.

  10. oh my goodness, the bulbs!!! a raccoon waddled through the yard today and i thought "aw, how cute" and then "wait! why isn't he asleep?!"

    good luck with your projects .. we are making 2009 our year of DOING. we want to use all the corners of our home and yard that we haven't found time to use, and we want to bring all those unfinished projects to fruition. wish me luck! ;^)

  11. i big garden in the backyard! we want butternut squash, tomatoes, bell peppers, hot peppers....and so much more!

    also, i would like to figure out my crazy bobbin. it is a mystery to me! thankfully, my husband can do it, and despite his best efforts, i still can't figure it out.

    also, i would like a little more sleep!

  12. Getting out of debt (at least oe pocket of it) and buying a house!

  13. So far, this year is the year of interior decorating. I'm inspired to make our house look like a home. It already looks lived in!! Now I would like to enjoy my surroundings :)

    The kids already love your backyard!!

  14. The year of the backyard sounds fun- so full of possibilities! Have fun!

    For me it will be the year of sticking to a schedule and liking it. That's a new one for me as I tend to fly by the seat of my pants. Not a good approach when one has to keep a home and homeschool two children!

  15. hoping this is a year of routine.

  16. 2009 is The Year of Punch at our house. I decided that saving punch for weddings and church teas was silly when I enjoy it so much.

  17. Oh do have fun! Our backyard moves in and out of presentability year after year. Just not a gardner, me.

    We got Wyatt a Shuffle, too. Much thought went into it, still not sure how I feel about my little big man walking around with ear bud wires dangling from his head.

  18. Mine will be the year of learning to stay calm in the face of screaming children (that may just be today)...it's a good start! And of course the year I get back to crafting!

  19. BLOOMS!!!!


    I can see already this is not the year to embrace winter -- I whimpered audibly when I saw that bulb...

  20. sooo funny. I was like "why is it warmer there than here?" then I realized it is not, you just are braver and went outside. So we put on our jackets and went to our own wild western outpost. ick.
    this is the year of writing, chickens, deepening friendships, and who knows what else. it always surprises me.

  21. I am having backyard envy. My backyard is on the "to do" list this year...although at the moment it is under 4 foot of snow...sigh!

  22. This year we want to focus on getting the last of the non-native plants out of our yard and planting more wildlife friendly ones.

  23. Oh, this is great! 2008 was our year of the backyard, but somehow, even with weekend upon weekend of working on it, it did not get finished. So, I guess, 2009 is also going to be the year of the backyard.

    We also have lofty aspirations of 2009 being the year of Nothing New (with some exceptions, like more new gravel for the backyard).

    Come see, come see!

  24. Well if the back yard turns out even close to all of your other projects it will be a stunner! Best of luck with "The Year of the Backyard".
    I'm teetering back and forth between the whole list of goals for the year, and just saying the h*ll with it and being happy if I get the laundry done in a timely manner!

  25. 2009 will be the year of the New Job. And the year of the quilt.

  26. Scott Namany said it is the year of No Regrets.

    I say, eh, it's just another year. Filled with love from my family and friends!

  27. for me it is the year to simplify. in almost every area of my home and life. {and yes, that will take more than a year, but i am going to start}


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