Mushroom Season

Well folks, it's that time of year. Time to head out and gather mushrooms. Green Kitchen and Urban.Prairie.Forest. have already started collecting, though I'm sure they left some for the rest of us.

Or if you're like me and don't know a shiitake from a chanterelle, you can enjoy mushrooms of a different variety - handmade. Knitsonya is hosting a mushroom swap, and although I won't be joining the fun (simply because I'm having an issue with the accumulation of stuff -even if it's beautiful and handmade - but that's a topic for another post) I thought I would share a little mushroom I made last month.

button mushroom

I should have been doing something more productive at the time, like finishing up gifts or cleaning up after myself, but I had an idea and had to give it a try. A little fabric mushroom cap atop an old wooden spool. I thought about sewing buttons on top, but decided instead just to pin them in place.

As soon as I stuck the pins in the mushroom, my idea evolved. These little mushrooms, which I affectionately call "toadspools", would make the perfect pincushion.


So I made another.

mini toadspool

And another.

Tutorial? Tuesday. And speaking of tutorials, I'm working on a tutorial for the crochet covered rocks. They seem to be piling up around here, and I think a few might need new homes. So stay tuned.


  1. Wow, awesome idea! I have several pin cushion patterns piling up, I need to figure out which one to make!

  2. these are so cute. I have also had mushrooms on my mind, but that is because we are starting our unit on fungi next week at school! Maybe we should make these at school, my 7th graders LOVE to make stuff even though they have to complain about it the whole time to make sure nobody around them thinks they are actually enjoying school (gasp! how embarrassing :) .....not sure if I could justify that to the administration......

  3. i want these for preschool.

    oh yes, oh yes.

    imagine the make believe?!?!?

    maybe i'll make them for valentine treats.

    oh, tutorial, please.

  4. Toadspools!!! Ha ha ha!!! Good one. Not long ago I was looking at some wooden spools I have hanging around wondering why I have them hanging around... whatever would I do with them?! And now, Tuesday, I'll know.

  5. Toadspools! Love 'em. Next up, trip to the foothills. Sarah said she needs prompting...

  6. these just made me smile!
    toadspools! love it.

    and i am learning how to crochet. you have convinced me. i am missing out.

  7. that's my kind of fungus.

  8. {sigh} I have no photographic evidence to support me, but I can say I have all of the supplies to complete the very same design (and function, as a pin cushion). It was part of a gnome/mushroom/woodland craft fair line that never quite came to fruition. I'll give you props on the name - I never even made it far enough to think of what to call them.

  9. Would love a tutorial, and also love one for the rocks. I collect rocks on my travel and it would be great to crochet a cover that relates to each place I got my rocks!!

  10. cute cute toadspools!

    wish you could have joined us. did your nose itch? we were talking about you ;)

  11. That is cool! And a great use of scrap fabric...I wish the thread manufacturers would go back to the wooden spool...

    Now you need to crochet or knit a gnome to go with the 'shroom...There was a free pattern in those links you posted in your last blog entry.

  12. OH MAN! cute!! Waiting patiently for tutorial.

  13. Very cute. Just need a wooden spool...

    Have a great day!

  14. Oh! I love mushrooms. Thanks for this.


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