This Is Not A Political Blog

But it is a crafty blog, so let me show you what I made.

obama finger puppet

Obama finger puppet, inspired by a free pattern from Lion Brand Yarn, modified for fine gauge crochet yarn.

Depending on how the day ends, I'm prepared to finish McCain.

mccain's not quite done

Truth be told, crocheting finger puppets and sewing the tiny pieces together became tedious.

But thanks to McCain's recent appearance on SNL, I found out that Starbucks is giving out free joe today.

Not Joe Biden, not Joe Six Pack, not Joe The Plumber, but a tall cup of hot joe. On the house. Go get a cup.

And just in case you're curious what an eight year old girl expects from the next president:

the president of the u.s. should...

Boy am I proud of my girl.


  1. Its a pretty good skeem to get you in there and spend money. Cuz you know you aren't going to stop at just some coffee. You need some woop cream on it and thats a couple bucks. So get out and vote to get your free joe people!


  2. "Woop cream" is what our kids call whipped cream. And I just signed Jerry up for his own identity. So now I will comment under his name ;)

    I saw those finger puppets and kept meaning to ask if you had seen them. Funny!


  3. That Obama puppet had me laughing out loud. Can I have one? :)

  4. Oh man. Those puppets are fantastic! Now you can hold your own political debates with them LOOOONG after the election is over and the winner declared. How awesome.

  5. Awesome! And I agree - presidents should definitely like children!

  6. Oh man. That kid KILLS me. If that were the standard operating procedure for presidential decisions, just imagine what a peaceful and generous country we could be - it's an ingenious concept, really.
    As are political finger puppets. They say and do what we please. Happy election day. Fingers crossed (w/o puppets).

  7. great answer to the question! and great obama finger puppet! love it!!! :)

    you may have to make a sad face on mccain after the announcements are made...:)

  8. i love that paper. i had my daughter research the election and the electoral college yesterday. might as well break her spirit early. ;)

  9. No argument there. The president should indeed love kids.

  10. please sell me an obama puppet.

  11. You know, that's one thing I can totally support in this election - a president who loves kids!

    I really like your new header too. Very nice.

    I sent you an email responding to the kind note you left on my blog. Did you get it? I wasn't sure as my little one disabled our wireless for a few days.

    Very nice of him don't you think?

  12. cagio - email me if you can - i think i remember sending an email to you about meeting up, but now i can't find it in my email history! mollydunham@sbcglobal.net


  13. Yep. I totally agree with the presidential standard. :)

  14. She is so cute! And right too, he should love kids!

  15. lolol love the finger puppets!

  16. Cute finger puppets. ; )

    Guess what? Remember you post a long time ago about your tote bag? Well, you inspired me to make my own. Check out my chocolate brown and vanilla cream verson. Thanks SO much for the idea! http://christinahomemaker.blogspot.com/2008/11/snowy-day-spontenaity.html

  17. The place where I went to vote had similar written things from kids about what they would do if they were president. A little girl, Emma, happened to be there and read me hers. It was really sweet.

  18. aww.. she is so sweet.. and right on!

  19. finger puppets! cute!

  20. Kids should rule the world.

    Love the finger puppets!

  21. I'm cracking up over Jerry having his own identity now...I saw those puppets on their newsletter! They turned out so cute! You'll have to turn them into Christmas ornaments so you can remember them every year and what took place this week. Very cute!

  22. I'm proud of that girl too... did you hear (on NPR)the list of kindergarten requests? they carried the same theme, but widened the circle a little with suggestions like "should be nice to other presidents" and others!
    I LOVE, LOVE, LOVE your site! Reading it has been such a great treat to give myself this morning!


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