How To Crochet A Leaf With Wire

burlap pear with copper leaf

Materials needed: fine gauge wire (22-24 gauge) and a large metal crochet hook

Crochet Metal Leaf :: Materials

The following leaf is made from 22 gauge copper wire, purchased from a hardware store, and a 3.75 mm crochet hook (US F5). The pattern is worked up one side of chain and down the other side of the chain.

Step 1

Crochet Metal Leaf ::Step One

Chain 8.

Step 2

Crochet Metal Leaf :: Step Two

Beginning in second chain from hook, single crochet three stitches.
Double crochet three stitches.
Single crochet one stitch.
Chain one.

Step 3

Crochet Metal Leaf :: Step 3

Working down the opposite side of the chain, single crochet one stitch.
Double crochet three stitches.
Single crochet three stitches.
Slip stitch to last chain at top of leaf.
Cut wire leaving a three to four inch tail.

Step 4

Crochet Metal Leaf :: Step 4

Weave tail down the middle of the leaf. If desired, twist the two tails of wire together to create stem

The wire frame of the leaf is malleable, so the leaf can be shaped using the tip of the crochet hook.

That's it! There are so many wonderful options for this leaf. You can crochet it with silver wire or any colored wire. Consider stringing seed beads onto the wire before you crochet and intersperse the beads among the leaf as you crochet. Explore options for wire, such as electrical or telephone wire. I once crocheted leaves from wire salvaged from an old window screen.

If necessity is the mother of invention, than desire is the mother of creation. The idea to crochet metal leaves came to me while shopping at J Jill about four years ago. I saw the most beautiful pin with fine verdi gris metal leaves and flowers made from ribbon edged with beads. The pin was $60, so I came home and made my own version for under $5.

flower pin

These pins make wonderful presents. I sent this particular pin to Erin last year for a Valentine's Day swap. (One of these days I'll have to show you what I made with the gift she sent me.)

Feel free to email me with any questions you have about the leaves. Working with wire is a unique experience and a little bit of a workout for the hands - it will take some getting used to, but I think you'll be pleased with the results.


  1. BEAUTIFUL, Molly!

  2. That is so awesome. I love the pin idea. I will be making some of those. :)
    Have a great weekend.

  3. I love it! Now I have to figure out where to get some wire...

  4. Oh how pretty! I can think of so many things to add this to! I'll be linking.

  5. Absolutely beautiful! Love the pin, too. btw... I'm not as lightheaded today when I look at your beautiful burlap creations... just in love.

  6. totally cool.
    i do not know much about crocheting, but do know how to chain, so thinking that i could pull this off.
    thank you!

  7. uh...COOL!

    great idea :o)


  8. this is just the start of wire crochet for you too. you can do amazing things, you have just started with the beautiful leaf. 13

    come by my site at http://imageevent.com/patmcaudel for some ideas. give a shout if you need help...but you are doing great. i've been at it over 13 years..and still love it

  9. wow! you are always amazing me with the cool stuff you come up with.

  10. You new banner is just beeeeautiful!

  11. brilliant, both the leaf and the pins. thanks for sharing, Molly, and Happy Thanksgiving!

  12. This is great, thanks Molly!

  13. as i'm reading, i'm thinking, "oh, just like my pin!" and there it is! thanks for sharing the how to, molly. and i really want to see what you did with those squares. xo.

  14. Too funny! I realized over the weekend there is a free pattern for those birds! I racked my brain over that one...trying ways to make them!!! :)

  15. Hi I'm Patty. Your crochet Leaf was just emailed to me. I love it. Tried something like this on my own 2 yrs ago. Now I have a pattern and something to call it. I like the flower pin idea. Happy Thanksgiving.

  16. Thanks Molly...I love when you can 'lift' something you see somewhere and make it your own for so much less.

  17. That is so cool. Thanks for sharing the tute - can't wait to try it out!

  18. I love that you saw something you liked for a crazy amount of money, and made one for yourself way cheaper!

  19. That is SO divine...you are very clever!

  20. Ooo, pretty and simple at the same time--the best of both worlds.

    Question: did you pre-straighten the wire? Sometimes when I crochet wire off a spool, it gets so very twisted as I'm working along.

  21. I love, love your stuff!! I have never crochet with wire. What a fun idea! I taught my daughter to crochet on my last visit out to tx and I think she has the bug. check out her blog
    Be sure to look at items for sale benefiting the Cora Paige Playground on etsy.

    From the BlueRidge Hills
    Keep Crafting

  22. I am jumping all over the place and saw this on your sidebar! I love it!! Love pears, love crocheting with wire...fabulous!!!

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