What I'm Making Wednesday

A few of you asked what I was knitting from my last post, so I thought I'd share.

a peak in my bag

Here's a peak inside my ugly-cute bag. I cast on a basic cap for Aidan using a skein of magic stripe yarn I picked up at the thrift store for $1.50. I'm pretty sure I'll have enough yarn leftover to make him a pair of matching mittens.

It is a strange time of year here in California - we're shivering in the morning and sweating in the afternoon. Sending my small children out into the cold every morning has made me aware of our need for hats.

foliage hat in progress

So I cast one on for myself, using the Foliage pattern from Knitty. I just love the lacy leaf design in this hat, though I'm a little concerned that it won't be big enough. Shame on me - I didn't check gauge. Yes, yes, I should know better, but I was just to anxious to jump into the pattern. Oh well, if it doesn't fit me, I'm sure Avery will be a happy.

A quick knitting question: the pattern calls for a 16" size 7 circular needle to knit the body of the hat, but I really don't want to buy another size 7 needle. So here's my question - couldn't I just keep knitting the body of the hat with the dpns *or* switch to my 32" circular needle and knit the hat magic loop style?

I have another question and also a proposition for all you knitting bloggers. Inspired by my friend Sarah who knit up a storm for Nest, I feel a strong urge to knit for those in need this winter. I know there are plenty of people right here in my town who could really use a kind gesture and a warm winter hat. Does anyone have a quick and easy cap pattern using worsted weight wool? And, would anyone like to do a knit-a-long for someone in need? I'm thinking a few wool hats by the beginning of winter would be a good target.

While I'm making hats I can tell you what I'm not making - dinner and a dent in my laundry. So I'm going to step away from the computer, resist the urge to pick up needles, and see if I can't finish some chores this afternoon. Wish me luck.


  1. Hey sweetie:
    The hat would be great knitted on either dpn's or magic loop. My hat pattern starts from the botton and works to the top, I just use the same needle and start decreasing using the magic loop method. I can't believe you got that yarn for $1.50! What a find!

  2. Yes, you can definitely continue on dpn's or switch to a magic loop method if the dpn's get too crowded. As far as the hat pattern there's a simple worsted weight hat pattern in the book "Knitting for Peace" by Betty Christiansen, as well as lot's of donation/charity resources. I really like this book! And I love the foliage hat pattern. I must have overlooked that one on knitty.

  3. i see that other wise ones have weighed in already on the dpns and loop...
    i have a very easy top-down hat pattern that rocks and lends itself to mindless knitting and warm ears. i'll dig it up and send it to you. ideal for charity knitting. i'd happily join the effort...
    the foliage is lovely. at this point you could check gauge and if you are a little small, add some increases in to get you to where you need to be to fit you...does that makes sense?

  4. I'd do the magic loop - it may get crowded on the dpns. Also, if you think it's small, just do another increase repeat or two until it's the right circumference. That's the beauty of a top down hat! It looks gorgeous.

  5. I have no clue what you knitters are talking about :) but I can't wait to see the end result!

  6. Um, huh?

    Hats are nice. You are nice. You are also kind and talented. That's about the most I can offer here. :-)

  7. I tried up to knit foliage last year but never got as far as you. What a deal magic stripe for a 1.50!

  8. your hat is gorgeous! and wow - magic stripe yarn. that is awesome. someday i will do that fiber stuff! someday...

  9. All this talk of knitting is making me want to learn! However, the 80 degree weather we are experiencing in Georgia right now does not make me want to learn anytime soon.

  10. Wow I wish I knew what you were talking about, but I can't wait to see the finished product. When I have a knitting question I will know who to ask. Looks awesome!

  11. Hello Molly;

    I would like to commission you for a head band for Hannah. She requested you by name. She would like it to be green and white and say CHS in it. She will wear it for Snowboarding this season. Let me know how much babysitting she will need to do to pay off the commission.

    She also stole my acorn necklace you made me, but I have plans to steal it back (some might call it sharing, but your necklace is sacred and it is all out Pirates of the Carribean right now).

    Nice doing business with you Molly.

  12. i don't know, but you can make one of those leaf hats for me for sure! just kidding- once i've relearned how to knit i'm taking that on, it's beautiful, & it's a decorative pattern boy's can wear, too.

  13. my lys does a lot of charity knitting. what they find, is that most charities will only take hats that can be machine washed. it sounds silly to me, but you may want to check with whomever you are giving them to. if my wrists let me, i'd be happy to help you in your cause. ;)

  14. The first foliage hat I made was way too short...not small but short. I think I had to jump up a few needle sizes to get it right....and then I've made three of them since they are so fun to do! Of course I forgot which needles I used to make them so I'd have to go through the whole gauge thing...bummer. I like the color you picked though!

  15. Oh as for a hat pattern, I used the Kim's hats pattern from the Last Minute Knitted Gifts book to make a bunch of hats for the kids at the local children's hospital. I used a nice merino yarn and did a ribbed cuff and no flaps. They pattern was super easy and they turned out great!

  16. That's a pretty sweet hat pattern, I'm going ot have to make that!

  17. I'm not as seasoned a knitter as you, so I'm glad many had good answer
    regarding dpn's. I love what you're making. I'm just about to cast on a hat for my son, too. Even in upstate NY we've got the chilly morn and hot afternoon thing going on. I can't wait to see your leaf hat...looks beautiful so far!

  18. I just knit a hat using worsted weight yarn held double. It was fast and easy and it's one of those hats that looks good on guys or gals. It's called Pro Bono by Angela Fagen. I love the stripy hat and the green one is going to be gorgeous. Thanks for sharing your wips with us!

  19. If you're looking for someone in need the hospitals with nicu units are always happy to get donations for premie babies. I have dimensions they are looking for. The scary thing is these little hats BARELY fit an orange or apple and the blankets are so small that they look like they are supposed to be a square to a bigger blanket. Let me know if you'd like the dimensions they request. Sutter Hospital in Roseville has a NICU now I believe.

    I LOVE that leaf hat. Makes me want to learn how to knit better. I usually get frustrated and go back to crochet. I can whip out the stuff with that method but knit is so much prettier!


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