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Gonzomama!!! Yay for Jessica! For those of you that don't know Gonzomama Knits yet, please go see her beautiful baby girl. Bea is just a few weeks old and oh so precious. Bea's big brother Henry is stinkin' cute too.

Do you ever tell yourself not to talk about the weather? When I find myself talking to someone I don't know very well, or there is a lull in a conversation, I make a concerted effort not to start talking about the weather. It is obvious, boring, and often leads me to complaining that it's too hot, too windy, too dry, too wet, too cold. I'm afraid that talking about the weather will make me seem dull and whiny. But today I just can't help myself. I've got to talk about the weather.

It's been in the eighties for far too long now, which is great and oh-so-typical of California, but it finally feels like fall today. Just look at the sky we woke up to:

cotton candy sky
cotton candy sky
cotton candy sky

Everything was bathed in pink this morning. The clouds were like tufts of cotton candy - I wanted to reach up and grab a piece. There's rain in the forecast and it smells like wood burning in fireplaces. Fall is finally here.

We bought our first half gallon of egg nog yesterday. I had a dollop in my coffee this morning. Mmm, mmm good. The pumpkin bagels turned out well - I had one and a half for breakfast with cream cheese and pumpkin butter. I'm planning on tweaking the recipe a bit the next time I make them. If it works out I'll pass it on.

I've been overwhelmed by recent responses to my blog lately. Thank you all so much for taking the time to comment - it really does make my day. I try my best to respond and answer questions, so please make sure your email address is linked to your user name (easy to do if you're with blogger - just edit your profile to include your email).

I have many new visitors, and a growing number of familiar faces. So I thought I'd share a few things about myself and this blog.

A Foothill Home Companion is almost two years old (heads up - big giveaway mid November). Some of my friends have been blogging for years and introduced me to the blogosphere. The name of this blog was inspired by A Prairie Home Companion. I probably created the blog on a Sunday, the day our local NPR station airs APHC. (In case you haven't already guessed, I'm an NPR junkie.) From the beginning I envisioned that this blog would be similar to Keillor's variety show - some stories, some satire, a few commercial endorsements, news from home. Lucky for you I've spared you from my singing. I'll leave that to Garrison and his talented guests.

We live in the foothills of Northern California. George and I bought our house nearly ten years ago, just a few months after we married. Our home is a very important part of our lives, almost like a member of our family. We are serial remodelers, but more on that later.

I have two children, a boy and a girl. Avery is eight, Aidan is nearly six. Of course I adore them and believe they are the cutest, funniest, smartest children to walk the face of the earth. In truth I believe all children are the cutest, funniest, and smartest. I often identify with children better than I do with adults, which might have something to do with the fact that I'm child sized at 4 feet 11 inches. My children do vex me at times, but I have adopted a Mae West parenting philosophy: When they're good, they're good. When they're bad, they're even better.

I love to make stuff.

I try to garden but am horrible at watering.

I love to cook, but rarely follow a recipe.

I read mostly non-fiction.

I'm a home body.

I ride my bike almost every day.

I take pictures of nearly everything.

I want to welcome all of you to my foothill home and invite you to be my companions here in the blogosphere. It's such a great place and I'm excited to be part of it. Stop by anytime. Introduce yourself. Make yourself at home. My door is always open.

open door


  1. I've been coming here for awhile now, but it's kind of nice to learn things about you that I didn't know. :) Thanks for that.

    Whereabouts in norther california are you from? I used to live there when I was young, and my dad has been all over Marin and Sonoma counties. I love it there. So much.

  2. first, thanks again for the good news! luckily we still have plenty of wall space in our kitchen for the chicken!

    we had pink skies like that this past sunday evening. it was so lovely and it does say fall, doesn't it?

    i'm glad you shared those things about yourself too. i learned we have more in common. like you, i am a homebody, am forgetful about watering, read mainly non-fiction and take pictures like crazy. i used to ride my bike almost everyday but where we live now is not very bike friendly. when we lived in savannah we rarely drove our one car. i miss those days! (i'm not big on cooking, luckily matt is though - i like to bake).

    oh and i love your front door!

  3. Hi for the first time-- Saw my sunrise in your photos this morning and thought we must share the same sky! Dug around a little in your archives and it sure looks like we're foothill neighbors... It seemed only polite to say hello!

  4. Thank you Molly. I am one of the newer visitors and I'm enjoying looking back through your posts. I'm glad to have found your blog and look forward to reading more from you!

  5. congratulations on your near blog-iversary. :)

  6. Eggnog! WOW. Lucky you!! And in your coffee! I love that. I'm happy you're finally having fall : )

  7. Your list is almost exactly my list as well...I love gardening, but the plants often look a bit parched and I love reading non-fiction!

  8. Alright. It's taken some time, but I've come to terms with not wining the chicken.

    For the other sixty some odd of us, would you please explain how you made it?

    Loving your blog!

  9. I love you. Is that weird? Oh well. I do.

  10. Congratulations on your blog taking off! I think all of us newbies dream of lots of readers, but I can imagine it must really be overwhelming when it happens! Thanks for sharing a bit about yourself. :)

  11. Hi Molly, I've been visiting your blog for only a short while, but the fabric birds (oh, the scrap nest too!) and homemade pumpkin bagels rank high on my to-do list. Fall is a favorite season in our house too, although I admit I'm not crazy about walking my son to the bus stop in 30 degree mornings quite yet. Thanks for your inspiration--I'll be a regular reader from now on.

  12. Found your blog a few weeks ago and I love it. I made my kids acorn necklaces yesterday and they will not take them off. Love your ideas. Love the things you share. Loved learning so much about you today. Just wanted to say "Hi!"

  13. I'm also fairly new here and am enjoying all your wonderful words and ideas. Thanks for making us all feel so welcomed.

  14. Hi, Ive been a visitor for a while, but I've only recently started my own blog and began posting on everyone else's blog that I love. I think that's just me. I have to test the water for a while before I jump in. I love all your creative contributions. I really want to try the birds, but I can't sew. I know that's not a hard one to sort out - a few lessons and I'd probably be OK so I will do that. Anyway, thanks for all the wonderful inspiration.

  15. nice to know more about you, molly. i love npr, too.

  16. Your blog is always the highlight of my morning at work! Work e-mails first, coffee, then your blog. (Need priorities)I went to the doctor the other day and I'm now 5 feet 3 inches. I shrunk an inch! So that explains the wider view!LOL
    Love ya lots

  17. Molly-

    I am glad to find this is one place I like to stop by and visit! Thanks for all the background for us "newbies". Hope you have a magical day...starting with clouds like that it seems highly likely!

  18. My, my...we share so much in common! Love your blog! I linked you on mine awhile back because I enjoy it so much. I am going to make an acorn necklace this weekend. I love them....I can't quite get the bird right. Apparently I don't think three dimensionally....but, yours are lovely.

  19. Your blog is beautiful.

  20. Thanks for the nice welcome and intro. I am also new to your blog and a fellow NPR junkie. I got giddy when I met Garrison Keillor after one his shows and don't get me started on Ira Glass (I have a huge crush on his voice!). Look forward to following your blog.

  21. Thank you for sharing with us. I am so loving the sense of community I get from reading blogs, and there are some really special ones (like yours) that feel so familiar and almost neighbourly, you know? I hope you continue to blog for a long time to come.

  22. I love it that your door is always open...I think I feel that as I read along :o)


  23. Ha, ha . . . I love your Mae West philosophy. I'm going to adopt that.
    Love ya Molly.

  24. You'll make a good mushroom hunter -- low to the ground.

  25. Funny thing Molly - I'm pretty sure that's my list you wrote up there...

  26. What a lovely intro for new readers and bonus for those who've been hanging around for a while. I remember the first post I ever read of yours...photos of your compost. I knew you were special from that very moment :)! Loved learning each little new bit about you. So happy you're here and return each day (even if I don't get a chance to comment instantly) to see what you're up to.

  27. I love learning more about you! Thanks for that.

    We love NPR (although I'm a bit more conserative) at our house as well! My husband Mark traveled to the Fitzgerald Theatre for the opening weekend of Garrison's homecoming. He attended the meat loaf dinner and even got to meet Garrison! He was in public radio heaven.

  28. "When they're good, they're good. When they're bad, they're even better."

    I love that!

    "I take pictures of nearly everything."

    I do this also - drives my husband nuts.

    I really enjoy your blog. Congratulations on your blogiversary!


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