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First off, let me just say WOW! Your third grade memories made me laugh, cry and cringe with recognition. I unearthed many more third grade memories while reading yours. Avery spent this morning reading your comments, and has more to catch up on this afternoon. What a wonderful gift your stories have been; if only our parent's friends had packed our imagination with their school experiences while we were in the thick of it. A good dose of perspective goes a long way.

Now onto other gifts. I wanted to make Avery a lip gloss pouch for her birthday. I started using this tutorial, but was derailed when I didn't have the appropriate hardware. My first attempt at the lip gloss case morphed into a Swiss Army knife pouch.

Swiss Army Knife Pouch

Yes, every eight year old girl needs her own Swiss Army knife, preferably camouflage.

Rather than making a case for just one tube of lip gloss, I decided to make a pouch big enough for all of Avery's lip glosses, or at least a dozen of them.

Lipsmacker Roll

I once offered to make the kids pencil rolls, but neither of them were interested. Shucks. Hence the lip gloss pouch inspired by the ever popular pencil roll.

Lipsmacker Roll

I used two fabrics I knew Avery liked; we made a zipper pouch out of the same fabrics earlier this summer. I used orange thread and an orange button, also inspired by Avery's zipper pouch. She has a real knack for combining colors in surprising ways.

Lipsmacker Roll

Aidan bought Avery an eight pack of Lip Smackers to fill her new pouch. This was both a gift and a replacement; he has eaten several of her Lip Smackers. Apparently they taste as good as they smell.

Lipsmacker Roll

She loves her lip gloss roll and her new Lip Smackers. Hopefully her Swiss Army knife will come out of its pouch this weekend while we camp. I imagine there will be a marshmallow stick or two to whittle.

Thank you again for sharing your third grade stories. Perhaps I should pitch this post to This American Life. I'd love to hear about Ira Glass's third grade year. Wouldn't you?


  1. Oh that is just too much fun! Was it Lip Smackers that used to come in the wee little tins? You had to slide them open with your thumb? I loved those dang things!

    My oldest boy is SO wanting a knife. I think we're going to get him one for Christmas. Better that than the gun he's after.

    Good lord.

  2. The lip gloss roll is awesome. I bet your daughter loves it!

  3. i think i'll have to make one of those for my niece. i love avery's color combos too.
    and that she has her own pocket knife.
    matt says he got his first pocket knife when he was 4 (yikes) and he keeps telling henry that's when he can have one (double yikes!).

    definitely submit that to this american life. (i love listening to that when i knit at night - i'm always bummed when i get caught up on them).

  4. oh! i love the crayon roll....turned into a lip smacker roll!!! i will have to remember that when my daughter decides not to color at a restaurant anymore!!!
    love the fabric choices.

  5. Lip balm roll - pure genius. Beautiful colours Avery!

  6. My offer to make pencil rolls got shot down, too! If only a Lego holder could be practical--and as stylish as your lip gloss holder. Any ideas?

    I LOVE the orange, brown, and great shade of blue!

    Yes to This American Life!!

  7. How about "This Foothill Life"
    Or "Auburn Life"
    Or "California Foothill Life"
    I think it is interesting to many people to see and read about "real" people in "real" life in our geographic area. Too many people living outside of California have the wrong impression. You exemplify what is good about life!

  8. Oh my gosh, if Alex sees this she is going to "Alex NEED" one! hahaha. She is not even 4 and obsessed with lip gloss!

    It's beautiful Molly.

  9. I have laughed out loud several times today thinking about him eating her lip smackers...
    Well, since you have the in with Ira, you might as well tell all our thrid grade stories.

  10. Coincidentally, Elspeth and I just had a discussion last night about lip gloss, and the eating thereof.

    Heck, I want to eat it sometimes, it smells so dang good!

  11. molly this is great! and the swiss army knife idea is so cool! i still have one of those sliding tins! it was a gift for my bday this past year! hope your camping went well!


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