Summer Was...Preserving

First the cherries,


then the apricots.


Thanks to very generous neighbors with mature fruit trees, we have dozens of jars of fruit preserves to see us through the next few seasons.

Right alongside the preserves are pickled green beans.

green beans
green beans
green beans

We are extremely anxious to open a jar, but trying to hold out until next month. We attempted to grow our own green beans, dill and garlic this year, but the deer and moles had different plans. Oh well, there's always next summer.


  1. those beans look yummy!!

  2. As usual Molly, your pictures are absolutely beautiful. Those cherries look divine, I am waiting for our summer so we can indulge too!

  3. your pictures are gorgeous , just gorgeous! and those perserves look scrumptous! our garden was from seed and did rather well. except for our butter crunch lettuce , it took a turn for the worst after our first harvest!

  4. Hey Molly, how'd you preserve the cherries? I've got a bucket of Bings that need to get processed one way or another. Any suggestions? We've already dried and frozen a bunch. How about canned? What'd you do?


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