"Not to be mean, but..."

not to be mean but...

My kids somehow got the idea that they can say just about anything they want if they preface their statement with the phrase, "Not to be mean, but...". For example:

"Not to be mean, but I don't really like what you made for dinner."

"Not to be mean, but there's a girl in my class who...."; my kids have become quite the little social critics. Don't know where they got that.

Not to be mean, but I don't really like summer. I have tried to keep my sniveling to a minimum; you know, accentuate the positive, eliminate the negative. Earlier this summer when other bloggers were participating in "30 Days of Summer" or "Summer is..." series, I just thought to myself, "If you can't say something nice, don't say anything at all." I really had nothing nice to say about summer.

However, now that it is 80 degrees instead of 100, and fall is just over one week away, I have a few nice things about summer. My memory card is full of some wonderful summer memories, so next week, the last week of summer, I'll be hosting a blog series entitled, "Summer was...". If you'd like to participate, leave a comment or send me an email (mollydunham@sbcglobal.net). I'll link your blog in my sidebar (which I intend to refresh in the next few days).

It feels strange to blog today without mentioning 9/11. My first thought when I heard the news 7 years ago today was, "I won't be able to have another baby." I feared the worst. I watched the news for three days straight. I thought the sky was falling. Thousands of families were torn asunder that day. I'm forever grateful that our family maintained the freedom to flourish. Within six months of 9/11 we were pregnant with Aidan.


I couldn't imagine life without his dirty fingernails and sweaty curls.


  1. Oh, I hate that. Mine tried that once and I explained that if you felt the need to preface a statement with those words, then you were going to be hurtful with whatever you said. It's like "with all due respect". I watched Talledega Nights the other day and that one was all over the movie - really drove the point home.

    I feel the same way about summer as you do. I only like it a) when we're not here and b) in retrospect. We're still at 97 degrees - I'm about 2 more weeks from retrospect. I hope it comes soon!

  2. I'd love to participate in your Summer was series. It seems it has passed by so quickly, I haven't taken the time to really ponder what we did, or what I enjoyed about it. I'ts amazing it is already 9/11 isn't it. Time flies by so fast, and so much has happened since that date. You're right, it wouldn't feel quite right without giving it some pause for thought today.

  3. Hello Friend!
    I think your "Summer Was..."series will be the perfect way to jump back in and breath some life back into our long neglected, quite, space. So add me to your list please! And thanks for the incentive to sort through a giant pile of photos and remember what we have been doing all this time :)

  4. i love summer. we do not get that hot here and we have a saying: we have 3 months of bad skiing weather. so we try to take the most of it.

    i love the "summer was..." idea. i have never been part of one and do not know how that works... and i am not the best photographer either but i would like to take part of it.

  5. i am sooo with you on the summer thing.... i am really ready for fall.. which we get in mid/late november...ugh. time for me to head up to a higher elevation.

  6. I may participate in that. I feel a little bit like summer flitted away without appreciating it as much as I could have. I don't know.

    Yeah, I went back and forth about if I wanted to talk about 9/11 yesterday or not. I chose not. I had a moment of remembering, like I'm sure everyone did. But I didn't feel like I had to say anything. It's more of an internal thing for me, these 7 years later.

  7. 9/11 ... i'm sure it won't be soon or ever forgotten!
    i'm so with you on the summertime yuck thing! bring on fall , i say that every day , i'm still waiting.

  8. I would love to participate in your series. :)

  9. Such a cute picture of Aidan! Avery and Aidan have quite a vocabulary, it's always interesting to talk to them. Do you wonder if they used that phrase on their friends? LOL
    I would say Dad and I had an enjoyable summer, just glad the heat is almost over. Really, really looking forward to cooler weather though. My thoughts have turned completely to knitting, I know it's the weather!

  10. I think I can handle a writing assignment! I'm in.

    And I must say, I can get into summer, but I LOVE fall. It's my favorite season. Might have something to do with the fact that my birthday is the first day of fall. (and my brother's birthday is the first day of spring. seriously.)

  11. starting monday or sunday?
    i just may have to join in :)

  12. It seems that I love summer in the wintertime and winter in the summertime. The grass is always greener. :o)

  13. I spend this whole summer saying, "If you start a statement with 'No offense, but...' you probably shouldn't finish it!" Perhaps your little boy and Camryn are on the same wave length! Now I love summer, but I love autumn so much more!

  14. Hiya Molly,
    I'll do it! Great idea. I feel the same way about summer as you..too hot here! This will be fun. Looking forward to seeing yours.


  15. Love your Aidan. I have a Aiden I homeschool too! Interesting little characters they are!


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