Have No Fear, Fall Is Here!

A new season means new accessories. In addition to wool sweaters and clogs, I have a few other accessories that will be making their appearance this fall.

dressing up for fall

My mom made me this knitting bag a few years ago, but I gave it a little update the other day.

that's better!

I told you to expect this applique design again. I cut out more leaves this time and I'm happy with the effect. This bag is the perfect size for a sock in progress and my wallet - what more does a girl need?

I'll tell you what a girl needs - a friend like Amy. Look at the beautiful scarf she made me.


I love it - the colors are absolutely perfect. How did she know I love that orangey-pinky-salmon color?


It's just perfect with my brown corduroy pea coat. Thank you so much Amy!

I've been working on a few other fall inspired accessories - check back tomorrow for a little tutorial. You can get a head start today by collecting a few acorns. Ahhh, gathering acorns - just one of the many things I adore about this time of year.


I heart fall.


  1. the applique is fantastic. ( wheels turning now ) must be a pretty fabulous friend! the scarf is beautiful. and that fig looks great! i love fall too , really it's my favorite season . followed by spring!

  2. Wow, I love the change to the bag! The scarf looks a little like the one Andrea made for me, can't wait to see it in person.

  3. I really love that applique pattern. So so cute.

  4. what a sweet way to update your bag! love your pattern...actually, love all things trees :)
    great shot of the fig, too! i think it would make adorable little notecards! valentines day, perhaps? ok, so my kids wouldn't be too fond of handing out fig cards on valentines day...that would be me. :)

  5. Scarves and clogs and sweaters oh my! We're still in flip flops in these parts. Love your new scarf and bag!

  6. I heart figs... and new clogs.

  7. Oh, fall. I heart it too.

  8. Oh, I am so glad fall is here! That scarf is great! I can't wait to see the tutorial!

  9. I LOVE that scarf! And your applique! I want to make a stencil of it so I can use it with my soleil paints!

    Yummy fig. My fig tree made two, they didn't ripen. Next year...

  10. Aw, shucks. You are so welcome, dear heart. I am so pleased you like it. I thought of you while I put it together - a little history: the pink floral print was cut from an apron that used to belong to my Yaya (Greek grandma). She could cook and embroider and tat lace like no other - so be inspired.

  11. oooooh the scarf is delish!

  12. Dang, more beautiful inspiration - the acorn cap, the applique! And love that fig. Worm composting, nature pictures. A bunny rabbit, what's not to love here.

  13. What fun fall projects...both made and received. Wahoo fall!!! Good luck in the garden.


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