Let's Do Lunch

Aidan is processing his new school environment through creative play at home.

lego cafeteria

Behold the Lego cafeteria.

table for four

Tables for four.

place your order

A place to order lunch,


and a place to pay for lunch.

I love to listen to Aidan playing with his cafeteria. There are gangsters that pick on kids. Teachers that are really aliens in disguise. Food fights and kicking b-u-t-t (one of the few words Aidan can spell on his own). I'm hoping the real cafeteria is a friendlier place, but I have some doubts.

One of the things I dreaded about our return to public school life was packing lunches. I really despise packing lunches, but I have to say the kids' new lunch boxes make the chore much easier and almost enjoyable.

Avery picked out the bento box,

and Aidan picked out the tiffin box.

I purchased them through Angelinhome.com. One of the best investments we have made this school year. No more searching for containers with lids that fit, wondering if the Ziploc baggies will make it home, having to clean the baggies that do survive. No more lunch boxes that stink despite frequent washings.

hot lunch for mom

As for me, I am enjoying hot lunch, everyday around 11:30, picnic style on the family room floor. Grilled cheese with homegrown tomatoes on homemade white bread, a side of polenta and fresh fruit. Yummy. After lunch is free choice time. Perhaps I'll play with Legos.


  1. I love it - he's such a clever boy. I think the lunchroom is the scariest part of school. All that screaming humanity in one place.

    We use bento boxes for lunch too and I love them. Can't describe how much I love them. Not only are they easier to manage, but they force me out of my usual box on what makes for a good lunch.

    Enjoy your school day! What do you do for free time?

  2. I love kids' imaginary play...it is super fun to listen to! Your lunch looks so yummy. Picnic lunches are the best!

  3. My Aidan loves Legos, too! Thanks for the suggestions about the lunch boxes. We have a fairly new "green" home store here that is carrying lunch "boxes" similar to the ones you've shown. Is the stacking one pretty easy to use for your child? That was my only concern with it.

  4. zencrafter -

    i was a little worried about opening and closing the lunchbox, but we practiced a few times at home and so far, so good! i made a little pouch with handles just big enough for the tiffin and water bottle. we both love it!

  5. Love your macro lens! I JUST TODAY went and bought containers for the kids lunches. Going to check that link for the bento box and maybe do a return!

  6. can i come over for lunch? that looks delicious...

  7. Yes, I want to come over for lunch too!

  8. That tiffin lunch box caught my eye when you first posted it. Unfortunately, I don't think we need one right now ... but when the occasion presents itself, I'll know immediately where to turn!!

  9. yummy, I want to join your rug picnic too, that grilled cheese looks divine!
    Aiden's lego play-therapy is so great. The cafeteria is undoubtably the scariest part of school for the little ones.
    I love that it sounds like you are really enjoying your "school day", hurray for you!

  10. The lego lunch spot rocks! He did a really good job on that.

    I am craving a grilled cheese and tomato sammie now. Yours looks very very good. :)

  11. OK - I've read and enjoyed your blog for a long time but I had to make my first comment after reading today. I picked out the same lunch box (teachers need lunch boxes too!) as Avery when I was lukcy enough to be in Tokyo this summer! Tell her she has excellent taste!

  12. cute lunchboxes! Your lunch time sounds especially nice.

  13. Wow, you are a brave mama...been catching up on your blog this early morning. What a great woman you are, following your kiddos hearts like that. Hang in there...play with those legos. Much love to you friend!!!

  14. the legos are awesome. and, hey, if you've gotta pack a lunch, that's totally the way to go.

  15. Those boxes are great! And that grilled cheese....yum!


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