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fallen leaf tee

Fall. It is on its way. Even if it is over 100 degrees outside.

Thanks for all the t-shirt love. I didn't want to leave Avery out, so I made a tee for her as well. It is actually a tee she has had for quite some time, but I covered up a small hole and a stain or two with a design I've been toying with this week. Don't be surprised if this design pops up again.


I guess you could say I'm having fun during these quiet mornings. I'm enjoying my sewing machine. Just figured out how to do a button hole this morning, and it's about time.

shadow knitting

Also loving a little time with yarn and sticks, early in the morning before it gets too hot to touch wool.

Looking forward to spending a long weekend with my most favorite creations. Don't labor too hard this weekend friends!


  1. oh, molly, i ADORE that tee. i might have to make one like it for me!

  2. I love that picture of the measuring tape. I have one drapped across my neck alot but it never looks as good as yours. :)

    Great applique too.

  3. Way to encourage Fall. I'm ready for it!

  4. Great tee for Avery! I want one!

    And wow, you are blogging a lot lately ;) It's fun to see your creations.

  5. CUTE CUTE CUTE. Selfishly I am glad you have more time on your hands. Hey, it was great chatting with you the other day. Oh, do you have a new email address??

  6. Hey Molly - love that tree design!

  7. i love that shirt! i want one for me!!

  8. such a cute t! i LOVE it!
    and quiet mornings. i LOVE those too. :)

  9. that tee is genius--the idea of a cutout space to show the tee underneath?! I love that.

    You look like you're having so much fun!

  10. Hey Molly, you do NOT know me and please don't think I'm a freak! I came across your blog today because I was searching for a no knead bread recipe! You blog showed up in my search results. Your recipe was the one I tried before so I mixed it up and then I shamelessly read your blog. Sorry! I got caught up by it's title -- as my hubbie and I enjoyed the "prairie" movie (he is from Nebraska) and we met in SF and I was wondering "what foothills". So I pried and saw you went skiing at Donner. hahahaha

    Anyway, we live in Topanga now, outside of LA. I enjoyed "meeting" your family and hope you don't mind that I've been eavesdropping. I felt that it was only "fair" to let you eavesdrop back if you are so inclined. http://topangabubbles.blogspot.com/

    You have a beautiful family and a nice life! You are inspiring and I really hope you don't think I'm a freak!

  11. Hello Molly...I am so glad you got your award(s)...we have been away and the post got pushed through while I was gone :o)enjoy it :o)

    I LOVE the tree shirt...that is such a great way to practice aplique...a little less work to do than an entire quilt but the outcome is still a "happy" one :o) love it, love it :o)



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