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my bathroom

A room few people see, yet one of my favorite rooms in our house (not that I spend a lot of time in there or anything). Six years ago it was a patch of dirt in our backyard. Several months later my dad and I laid the tile on the floor, and George and I stayed up late grouting the tile. I was eight months pregnant with Aidan; the next night I experienced false labor (he was born a week later).

my favorite tile

Although the bathroom is new, it has an old feel to me. The wainscoting, pedestal sink, hexagonal tile and sconces add a touch of nostalgia. I sometimes imagine I'm in a bathroom in an old apartment building in San Francisco. It's a shame we couldn't find a marble threshold to complete the scene.

We don't use this bathroom much during cold months - it is the room farthest from the wood stove and gets downright chilly, whereas the other bathroom shares a wall with the chimney - nice and toasty. Now that the weather is warm we'll be using this bathroom more often; it has natural lighting, good air flow, and a view of our fledgling cherry tress. It's also close to the backyard, which makes it much easier to haul buckets of water out of the bathtub to water our garden. That's right, we're big fans of gray water.

After months of neglect, I finally gave the bathroom a thorough scrubbing over the weekend. Good enough to take a picture and share a glimpse of my world with the rest of the world. And to think it was once a patch of dirt in our backyard.


  1. AnonymousJune 09, 2008

    ok wait, do you use a different bathroom in the cold weather?

    i'm sure you do. : )

  2. I love catching that view/angle of a room in my house or yard -- the one that makes me pause and enjoy like a peice of artwork.

    That view of your bathroom makes me do that. Nice photos.
    Maybe if I scrubbed my bathrooms I might enjoy them too. Right now. . . not enjoying them so much.

  3. AnonymousJune 09, 2008

    wow I love it.. It reminds me of that movie 'batteries not included' I loved that movie..especially when all the robots fixed the old tile floors...I'm a total weirdo aren't I.

  4. Thanks for the memories! It was a joy to work on that bath, too bad it included pain for both of us(you and family cleaning the mortar with small tool's and a cut digit on my part). The results are worth it and the pain is a distant memory. I guess I must visit soon to see your bath in the current season!

  5. AnonymousJune 09, 2008

    I can't decide which I like better, your kitchen or your bathroom. I'm torn between the two!

  6. that is a wonderful bathroom - almost exactly what we did to one of ours. beautiful, molly!

  7. I love this bathroom. I really love it...the pedestal, the wainscotting, the floors, the wall colour. I absolutely love it.

  8. I love your bathroom! Those are the exact tiles I want to use when we renovate ours. They are timeless.

  9. It's lovely! I'd love to do a bathroom like that.

  10. AnonymousJune 10, 2008

    Beautiful! In color, retro style, and all around yumminess.

  11. AnonymousJune 11, 2008

    love your bathroom - i did my upstairs bath in a black & white theme reminiscent of an old hotel we once stayed at in chicago. :^)

    did you try looking at architectural salvage places for that marble threshold? i've seen them - also marble sills that might be used for a threshold. we are addicted to architectural salvage.

  12. AnonymousJune 16, 2008

    Oh I love, love, love your bathroom!!! I love all things new that look like all things old :)


  13. I Love your bathroom, but I especially impressed that you use your bath water for the garden! I always imagined youd need some sort of hose or something to connect them, but way to go and just use your arms and a bucket! Inspiring!

  14. That is a fabulous bathroom. Love the tile.


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