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This is not a tick; it is an eagle. Well no, it is not an eagle, but that is what we call large moths and this is the largest moth we have ever seen! Fortunately I don't have any pictures of ticks, which means we have not had any ticks, because you know I would take a picture if we found one.

Living in a known tick zone, and knowing two people with Lyme Disease, our family performs regular tick checks. These tick checks often result in a few tickles and lots of giggles, but no ticks yet. Aidan calls them "tick tacs", like the candy; more giggles all around. One night while examining each other for ticks, Avery asked me if I had ever had a tick bite.

"No", I answered and explained that I didn't perform tick checks on myself until I was an adult, and I had not regularly gone places as a child that would have put me in contact with ticks.

"Well that's not fair", Avery replied. While I've heard the phrase "not fair" countless times from my children, they have never used it on my behalf. Perhaps it is unfair that I did not tromp through tick infested fields or climb up and down tick infested trails when I was a child, but I'm making up for lost time now. Tick tacs beware - we're looking for you and we're armed with a camera.


  1. Tick tacs. Cute. Real ones? Not so much. But the after-play ritual just means they were out having fun. :) I'd rather have a tick than get chiggers though. Seriously!

  2. I love how Avery exclaimed "not fair." That is a priceless expression of her gratitude for the romps you take your family on.

    I would love to assist you in making up for lost time! I, however, remember my mom pulling ticks out of my skin when I was a kid without blinking an eye, or even getting off the phone. It was a no-brainer. Unfortunately, my lymeful sister is not a lucky one. Good job on the tick tacs.

  3. Even though you didn't get to experience the "wild" too much when you were growing up, you experienced life in other cool ways. This way you have the experience of both worlds, the "nature" girl and the "city" girl.

  4. The moth is really beautiful, and I can't wait for your first tick photo - I just hope it's found on the ground and not on one of your family members.

  5. perhaps all the tick tacs are in our woods. i and my children have had countless ticks. blak. one time my brother pulled off 20+ tick tacs from one bike ride through the woods. we counted after we layed them all out on the bathroom counter.

  6. My wife is fond of responding to the "not fair" complaint with this(paraphrased): be glad life is not fair, because if it were, we would live in a third-world country, in a mud-floor hut, and only get to eat half a cup of unsalted rice a day. We are so very lucky things are not fair. -- Mark.

  7. Well, let me just tell you that it you might want to count those lucky stars. I had a tick once. I was about 7 and watching the Flinstones at my Momo's house. We had been outside romping all day, and came in for Kool-Aid and cartoons. I kept scratching under my arm, and finally looked under there. I had a holy freak out when I saw that big, hard black mass. I think I must have completely blanked out the removal process though... it all goes dark and fuzzy after that.

  8. I guess is isn't fair you didn't get to experiance a tick inspection. Blame me and mom for not living in a "tick area" or dragging you into one. It's good you check out the Tick tacks, as they really are no fun. I only had one experiance with a tick, and would rather not repeat it!!!!
    Love the moth, keep those pictures coming.

  9. my husband has a funny tick in his pit story that he shares with the girls and campers that come through, he got scared his dad was going to burn HIS bootie. maybe i will ask him to tell the girls that story again before we camp, ocean and elli are pretty good story tellers :)


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