Let's Call It A Day

Each day has the potential to be good, bad, or just plain ugly, and you certainly can't pick or predict which it will be. Today started off OK. I woke up before anyone else, quietly sneaked out the back door and went to the Friends of the Library Book sale.


I came home with a huge bag full of books and a vintage Yahtzee game (all for the price of the book I almost took the bus down to Border's for today), and found the kids snuggled on the couch, polishing off a box of cookies from Trader Joe's and watching a DVD. Cute yes, but I had a strong feeling that by sneaking out I had relinquished control of the day. No healthy breakfast, no steering the kids away from the screen and towards a project. A few hours later when Aidan was actually standing in the salad spinner in the sink, I threw in the dish towel and put on my helmet.

Pure Gold

We took a family bike ride, climbed the gold miner, played with some friends from the hood, watched another movie (as much as I dislike the phrase "screen time", I really did appreciate this article), and made real pizza for dinner. Not too bad, too good or too ugly for a day out of control. A day like any other, yet a day like never before.

Old Town

Do You Worry
if you're doing right?
So much advice,
so many books -
I grow so fast!
Are you sometimes scared?
Things balance out...
Too much of this, too little of that.
You try too hard, don't try enough.
Too far this way, too far the other.
Of course you'll make mistakes...
but love is a great eraser!
And things will always balance out

an excerpt from Listening to the Littlest by Ruth Reardon (which I picked up for a quarter this morning)


  1. I love how you recognized where the day was going and went with it. That looks like a very rewarding day for everyone. I'll have to go read that article now.

    p.s. Notice that I did not say "good job!"

  2. It sounds to me like your morning sent your day reeling in one direction and you, wise mama, assessed the situation and made some choices that helped put things back into a more comfortable balance. I would call that a success!
    **Love the shot of the kids climbing into the miners pan!

    That was an interesting article on "screen time", thanks for sharing.

  3. I love that quote, I will check this book out.

  4. i wish i could climb on that sculpture right now.


  5. I almost did the same thing for the same book, and instead, because we are having a WEEK, not just a DAY, we bought train books at the used bookstore. Because it is cold outside and I am high on allergy medicine. Because the TV is broken. Because train books fill him up, and I can read other things. Like your blog, which makes me smile, because you are wise, and can recover from children in your sink, and still eat a healthy dinner. Thank you.

  6. Awesome photos Molly! I had to shuffle my kids off and go to work today. (pitty, sniff, boo hoo hoo).

  7. beautiful pictures...my kids would love to climb that sculpture...I'll bet that it had warn spots from all the little ones that climbed it before you...it does sound like you had a great day.


  8. Oh my, how your post made me smile! First, Yahtzee is my *favorite favorite favorite* game from my childhood, the first game I ever learned to play (yes, before Candyland). My grandmother was still alive, so I was three or maybe just four. My mom and I would play while she watched...every time I got a Yahtzee I would scream "yahtzee grammy yahtzee" and run and throw my arms around her neck! What a find you made. Far better than going to Borders. Thanks for the memory :).

  9. Thanks for sharing that excerpt. Love it! And nice score on the game!!

  10. Great pictures! And I laughed out loud at the visual of Aidan standing in the salad spinner in the sink. Very funny!!

  11. sounds like a particularily wonderful day.

  12. Thanks for the link to the article. I loved it and completely agree with it. My kids have gone on such interesting journeys as a result of inspiration from TV. Not that we haven't had our power struggles over what they choose to watch. I have the most trouble trusting in this area. But they always prove me wrong in my assumptions.

    I love that sculpture.

  13. can i tell you how much excerpt just touched my heart. wow. thank you.

  14. "love is a great eraser!"
    This is apparently true because my grown children don't seem to remember or count as important some serious failures of mine... thank God for grace


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