I Miss Daddy

the dad and his boy

Our foothill home will be shy three companions for the next few days. While daddy holds down the fort, mommy and the wee ones will be camping out.

Daddy: we already miss you. See you in three days. We promise to bring back stories and lots of hugs.


  1. Wow I don't know where I would rather be more, oh yes at home by myself, what a concept. Behave George.

  2. damn, you take good pictures

  3. wow... so beautiful it hurts!

  4. I always enjoy my adventures on the road with B but for exactly that - I miss daddy, too. Safe journey and a sweet homecoming to you!

  5. What a great photo! Have a wonderful time!

  6. Love the picture.

  7. Aw.

    Have fun!

  8. That photo is a keeper, Molly!

    Wishes for a wonderful adventure, can't wait to hear about it when you get home.

  9. that photo is wonderful...i feel like snuggling up in bed right now.

    have a wonderful time.

  10. That is an absolutely amazing, stunning shot! Hope you have fun.

  11. I think I'm falling in love with your husband.

    kidding! kidding! kidding! great picture. have a blast you fun momma!

  12. AnonymousMay 01, 2008

    Sweet pic of a Dad and his boy!
    I have made 3 loaves in 2 weeks of the Rosemary and lemon No-Knead Bread. I followed up your suggestion of the Asiago cheese and peppercorn loaf. Delicious! A new Fave!!
    I took a Tbsp of whole peppercorns and crushed them and then about 1.5 cups of Asiago. I have a theory that you can never have too much cheese!
    Delicious too!
    What else can we try with this recipe

  13. What a GORGEOUS photo!! Love the post about the beach vacation - aaahh - it's my favorite place in the world! No place I'd rather be and your post and pics made me yearn for the beauty and relaxation of the ocean! :)

  14. What a sweet picture. Hope you had fun!


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