Mad As A Hatter

Avery is gearing up for a production of Alice In Wonderland. The curtain rises in one week, costume check is this Thursday, and I am up to my ears sewing costumes. Alice's river of tears is complete.


Leaf chokers for the Ladies of the Golden Afternoon are in progress.


Next up are the headpieces for Lily and Petunia (played by Miss Avery).

George took the kids today to run some errands so I will not be playing the role of the Queen of Hearts, yelling "Off with their heads!" when someone interrupts my sewing to ask for a glass of water or a peanut butter sandwich. Hopefully I will get the sewing done today so I will not be playing the role of the White Rabbit - "I'm late! I'm late! For a very important date..."

While all this sewing is making me feel as crazy at the Mad Hatter, I did take a minute to pull a name from a hat this morning for the puzzle wreath and a copy of Elements of Style.


And the winner is...


Me! No, just kidding. The winner is Molly of Mollycoddle! Which is perfect because we are pen pals and it is my turn to send a letter.

Back to sewing for me. Liz Phair and friends are keeping me entertained on Pandora, but this is the video that is running through my head. Enjoy Tom's trip down the rabbit hole.


  1. Boo-Hiss that I'm not the wreath winner, I smell a skunk! Tee Hee, I can't think of anyone I'd rather lose to :)
    Good luck with all that sewing...it seems obligatory that having agreed to do such a thing should leave you mad as a hatter, at least it's always how I remember it happening with my own mother. Might be why I'm so reluctant to volunteer for such things now that I'm the mom.

  2. oh my goodness!! yipppeee!

    All that sewing under pressure is making me get jittery! Kidding. But I'm writing something right now under pressure and it's making me shut down. I can not write when I have a deadline! My husband tells me I'm being mental, which is right, but ahhh!!

    I love the costumes I'm seeing so far. I can't wait to see more of them. I'm so impressed!

  3. PS. no rush on anything. you have your plate very full right now!

  4. I can't wait to see you emerge from your Rabit Hole (aka sewing den ;) Looks good, friend!

  5. I think I feel like the Queen of Hearts quite a bit! Love what you are coming up with. I hope I'm able to sew at that skill level by the time my kids are old enough to need costumes! Nice work!

  6. Molly, you have so many skills! I remember a few times of burning the midnight candle making either just your costume or a number of costumes. One day the costumes will be long gone but the memories will always be there. You're a great MOM!

  7. Love this. My mom sewed up a storm for the same play when I was a kid (I was the daisy), and this brought back many happy memories of my mother as the costumer extraordinaire to my fantasy life...


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