Does It Taste Better...

Buttermilk Bar

if you take a picture?

I love food, and usually I love to make food, but the past few weeks I have been in sort of a food slump. I have been lacking inspiration in the kitchen, and supplies have gotten low in the larder because I've been avoiding the grocery store. It has happened before and it will happen again - I joke with my friends that at times like these I feel that I have offended the kitchen god and he has turned his back on me. Not really of course, it is just a fanciful story that humors me until the slump passes.

So last Friday when George and the kids were gone for a few hours, and I was unmotivated to do anything I was supposed to do, I satisfied a craving and made one of my favorite soups.

Potato Leek Soup

Potato leek soup to be exact.

Carmelized Leeks

My favorite part of making the soup is sauteing the leeks in olive oil until they begin to caramelize then adding a splash of soy sauce and stirring until the leeks are a beautiful shade of brown. Even better is eating the few leeks that don't quite make it to the soup.

Carmelized Leeks with Soy Sauce

There is nothing like making a recipe you love to rekindle your love for cooking, your love for eating, your love for food, and taking a picture helps the taste linger a little longer.

"The best thing in the world to eat is food." Grandpa Cowan

Eggs for Breakfast


  1. Oh man! I can almost smell it. Yum. Want to do a recipe swap?

  2. mmmm... that sounds delicious! And yes, I think it's better if you take pictures. Then you're stopping to savor the experience.

  3. I'm up for a recipe swap! email me: mollydunham@sbcglobal.net. I can scan the recipe and email it to you.

  4. Those are great photos. I hope it will inspire me.
    Sometimes I won't go to the grocery store for a long time, and I get a little too happy about how much money I'm saving. I have to go eventually, of course.
    It's also discouraging to make good meals that the kids end up not liking. I hope that changes as they get older.

  5. This looks so scrummy. The photos make it so that i can almost smell the soup....ummmm. Would love the recipe if you would like to swap for one. Just let me know what you like? My moms banana bread, or how about bran muffins?

  6. I'm in a bit of a funk too, foodwise. I love potato leek soup, though, and haven't made it in ages. Sounds like a nice way to end out (hopefully) the winter.

  7. Great picture of the egg shells :)

  8. That's a great question. I bet it does simply because it's something you have deemed 'blogworthy.'

    I'm in a food slump here. It's the grocery store that gets me too. And the fact that my husbands been working late and I end up having to go at 10 pm.


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