Boys Behaving Badly

boys behaving badly

Or, How Blogging Has Changed My Approach To Parenting. Something is wrong with this picture; the boys should not be climbing on the bookshelves (which I haven't shared yet because they are not quite done). Had this happened before I started blogging, I would have told them to get down immediately. Instead, I told them to freeze while I took a picture and then to get down because they knew better than to climb up there. Gotta let them know who's boss (and if you guessed them you would be correct).

The new bookshelves are slowly being filled with children's classics, reference books, and art supplies. I snagged Kingfisher's Children's Encyclopedia and Science Encyclopedia at the thrift store this morning, as well as a very large round tin in which I plan to house collage supplies - various scraps of paper, fabric, string and other small, collagable objects. An occasional feature on the bookshelf is Aidan - I should have known this built-in would be irresistible to my little monkey.

And just a little update on my pedal power challenge: I have been on my bike every day this week, including a nine mile, uphill ride to my in-laws, a trip to the grocery store, several jaunts to the local skate park, and a few new trails I had never explored. I feel like the Pied Piper on two wheels as I usually have a caravan of children riding behind me, and I couldn't be riding to a happier tune. Here is one of my favorite pictures of the week.

a little push

A new rider to add to my merry caravan. Have a splendid weekend y'all.


  1. How wonderful are those shelves? I love them. My little monkey would also be unable to resist. Congrats on all the bike riding! I'm quite impressed.

  2. It's amazing how being up to no good can look so darn cute. I know I have found myself in that situation many a time.

    "Good job" on the bike riding too. =)

  3. Ha Ha...so true, everything is all.."wait let me get the camera", and only after you've got your shot, "I'm so sorry you poked your eye out!"
    Seriously though, those shelves are wonderful. So are the monkeys!

    Hurray for your pedal power! Pedal some for me, i'm still waiting on my new bike.
    Have a stupendous weekend!!

  4. i am so proud of you and your biking. i have jane off the training wheels, so maybe if i get kate off we can join you!

  5. gorgeous shot of the little guy on his bike. :^)

    i *love* the kingfisher series - our favorite is the kingfisher history encyclopedia - i think it's a must-have!

    have a great weekend! xo

  6. I love that picture of our boys "behaving badly." I want a copy ;)
    I am so impressed with the fact that you rode up to Meadow Vista! I'm still working on making it around the neighborhood.

  7. oh yes!

    i know this reality!

    sweet boys.

  8. I love your shelves and bike photo. Congratulations on continuing your pedal power.

  9. I think capturing moments such as this is just as important as teaching them not to to it. Love the photo! Actually, love the precious photo on the bike also.

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  11. What a beautiful day! I grew up in Auburn, I even worked at Taco Tree off of Dry Creek & 49 for three years. I now live in Washington. I get so homesick, but reading your blog, seeing your pictures... well it just makes me feel warm and cozy again. Thank you!

    next time you're in Taco Tree get a taco for me!

  12. this reminds me of the shot I have of Noah with and baby powder all over the floor...I had to run and get the camera and then ask him to come back into the room (which explains the puzzled look on his face) and I don't aven have a blog to excuse my actions!


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