Vacation is...

catching up on some yard work between storms,

eating Triple Chocolate Klondike bars in front of the fire while watching movies on the laptop,

playing games with family and friends,

finishing one project and starting another,

making a cup of coffee,

having an extra set of hands on a field trip,

drinking real root beer and eating pizza at the brewery.

Today is the last day of our vacation. George is blessed with six weeks off every year, which he takes in one or two week intervals. Sometimes we pack our bags and hit the road when he is off, but my favorite vacation destination is home. All of us together, having fun, staying up late, sleeping in, catching up, making plans for our next vacation in May. Perhaps it will be warm enough to camp. Or maybe a few nights in the city. Or maybe we'll just stay home.

Come Monday evening, when George is back on the clock, I'll be singing this song, missing the 24/7 presence of Daddy.

I'll keep my clothes on, though. It's pretty chilly around here, especially when George isn't home to keep the fire blazing.


  1. What a great vacation. I love vacations at home. Good luck with re-entry into everyday life tomorrow.

  2. It looks like it has been a wonderful vacation week...I'm with you about just being home, it's my favorite too!

  3. at home vacations are the best! hope your week ahead is good too, molly.

  4. sounds perfect! Think George could come over and lend Dan a hand on the new house?! Wouldn't that be nice? We could play in the yard with the kids....ahhh...

    happy monday!

  5. Looks like the best kind of vacation! Hey, did you see a version of your 'cup of coffee' on the Martha Stewart site. When I saw it I thought of you!

  6. Oh, I love vacations at home! A bit of being a tourist in your hometown, eh? And I am totally reliving my own college days now with your pandora station...the Smiths!!! Ack! I got my tatoo listening to the SMiths!

  7. oh. that's sweet. i was just able to listen to the song....very sweet.


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