The Easiest Bag In The World

This is one of the best projects out of the Martha headquarters I've seen in quite a while. It is a bag made from a t-shirt. All you need is a cotton tee, a pair of scissors, and the ability to sew a straight line. I was fortunate to find these two t-shirts for 33 cents a piece at the thrift store. The black one is my favorite - "Five a Day" (as in fruits and veggies) in Spanish. Go here for very easy directions, and you will be sporting a brand new bag (and extra room in your t-shirt drawer) the next time you go shopping.

In other news, it is in the seventies today and I have the chills. We are probably the only house in the neighborhood with smoke coming out of the chimney and a mommy piled with blankets. My week of repurposing may be repurposed into next week. I just broke it to George that I will be talking him through (in a barely audible whisper) the making of split pea soup and cornbread for dinner tonight. Poor guy would much rather make me a new cabinet, or probably even a t-shirt bag, than enter the unknown realm of my kitchen. Wish him luck. I'll see you when my fever goes down.


  1. cute cute bags and oh no! for the sick mommy. Get better!

  2. Trust me, we know how badly being sick sucks. Sorry to hear about it, get better soon! Love you!

  3. oh bless you.

    but oh, those bags are great. i think we may be making some...i'm thinking as a preschool project!

  4. Oh I'm so sorry you're sick. Did dinner turn out alright?
    Those T-shirt bags are wonderful!!
    I'm cracking up that your Uncle Rob leaves blog comments. I don't think I could pay one of my uncles to read my blog, much less leave a get well message with a "Love You" at the end. You are one lucky girl!!

  5. I smelled your fire (through my open windows!) and thought of you this afternoon. I hope you feel better tomorrow. This warm weather is crazy and lovely!!

  6. What a great bag! My husband has so many t-shirts so I'm going to start cutting them up. Hehehe!

    Hope you feel better soon.

  7. I hope you feel better soon, everyone seems to be catching this nasty virus.

  8. Molly's got a brand new bag!
    Sorry you've got the sickies too!
    George has the skills needed to cope with the kitchen, especiaaly if it's only short term.

  9. I hear ya, not feeling too good myself. Here, need some tissues?

    Love love love the t-shirt bag! The wheels are turning! USe kid t-shirts for little bags, adult t-shirts for bigger bags, etc..

    Gotta love that Martha!

  10. Well you know why you weren't feeling on top of your game this weekend!I'm sure the soup was wonderful, George can handle anything! Love ya

  11. Me too :( on the not feeling so hot thing, not on the sewing, though I'll definitely tell my local sewing friends to make me one. : )

  12. Hey, I LOVE your new banner and spiffy new 3 column design. Very nice! Feels all fresh, like rearranging furniture in a room, don't ya think?

  13. hee hee hee

    i just found a "slinky" (you know the toy) tshirt at the thrift shop!

    : )

  14. i have been making these out of my sons tshirts and just saw yours...dont you just love them...hey i used to live in cool....were we close? love your blog

  15. hi summer and thanks for visiting! yep, we were close :) i'm in auburn.


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