So I Married The Woodcutter

The Woodcutter makes an appearance in several tales, including Hansel and Gretel, Little Red Riding Hood, and even his own tale, which has been told and retold under several different titles, but which we know as The Three Wishes. Although he may not be the main character in all these tales, he certainly has become the leading man in my fairy tale. My husband loves to collect firewood. He spies fallen trees like an owl spies a field mouse. Firewood is his passion, right up there with homebrew. We heat our house exclusively with our wood stove, and we have never paid a dime for our firewood. This time of year, when it is so very cold, I am especially grateful for the cords and cords of firewood stacked in our back yard. And for a husband who considers it a very good weekend when a major storm blows through town and knocks over trees which he can cut into rounds and hall home in his truck.

The downside of being the woodcutter is that, unlike other fairy tale characters, he is neither immortal or invincible. He may be manly, but he is merely a man, susceptible to the woes that befall us all. The woodcutter's back has yelled "timber" and knocked him to the ground. Literally, on the ground, flat on his back, suffering from degenerative disc disease, which tends to flare up every January. Fortunately, the woodcutter will mend. He won't have to send his children out to the woods to fend for themselves, and in no time he will be able to rescue grandma from the wolf and get back to splitting firewood.

In the meantime, hopefully this will cheer him up.

I *heart* the woodcutter.


  1. What a perfect tribute! I also love your new banner.

  2. He'll be "back"!
    Sorry we missed "The Spaghetti Factory" due to the bad "back", but we'll get "back" there soon!
    I know George will be "back" to his routine soon, but does Granny need rescuing?
    Are your pictures of the trees and George from your new camera?
    Will the fairy tale ever end?
    Back to you!

  3. Awwe. I burned the woodcutter a CD. Music therapy. ("Burned" and "woodcutter", strange arrangement of words). I like the photo of the "coffees" in the first column.

  4. the property we live on was a wood lot .. i didn't really understand how woods just keep giving you wood to burn until we lived here. trees fall down, limbs fall down ..

  5. Oh, poor George. Feel better soon!! Great tribute to the woodcutter :)

    And I also am loving all your "daily" pictures. I can't wait to be back in the saddle with a camera soon. It's killing me.

  6. George, you're a good man! and a very hard man to keep down for long! Hope the aching back is feeling better and you'll be back (LOL) to your Paul Bunyan days soon.

  7. Oh dear... this is the untold side of the woodcutter story. I'm so sorry for the pain.
    I'm also very grateful for the good wife who loves the woodcutter and cheers him up.

  8. oh, i have my own woodcutter here...with the same outfit...and a brand new saw from christmas...and sore muscles from a saturday out...hee hee hee

  9. Hooray for the woodcutter! Here's hoping for some quick back healing. My husband is not allowed near a chain saw. I value him keeping his limbs intact.

  10. I cannot tell you how closely resembles my own husband--almost to the letter, except for the hurt back part! ouch. sorry.

    we heat our home exclusively with the woodburner, too---except a little extra warmth in the baby's room now and then. Dan has become obsessed with down trees and firewood and stacking and splitting...he's the only person i know who gets really excited over a down tree. He's like a kid in a candy shop--for example he keeps telling me the down beech in the back woods is calling his name.
    and the homebrew. he's never done that one, but i know its something he's always wanted to do, too. they'd be quite a pair, i think!

    got something special in the mail. it was wonderful. i can't wait to sit down and respond.


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