Monsoon Day

Here in California, we get a little excited about heavy rain fall and winds gusting up to 30 mph. While some of our friends in colder climates are actually stuck at home due to several feet of snow, we have sequestered ourselves in order to watch several inches of rain fall, trees bend over, garbage blow down the street.

I had intended to post something crafty today, but we are having some technical difficulties (wireless router working intermittently, irretrievable pictures on media card). So instead, I will post a video I haven't seen for years. I remember watching MTV for hours on end when I was young, just waiting to see a video I actually liked. I find it amazing that those same videos are just a few clicks away. This seemed like the perfect choice for a day like today.

OK, more technical difficulties. I can't embed the video, so here is the link. Instead, I'll post one of my other favorite Eurythmic songs.


  1. Hey Molly, thanks so much for "Here Comes the Rain Again." I have been a little freaked out by the weather, up at 4 am, bracing myself against the storm outside battening down the hatches, back inside listening to things clang and bang. I feel like a nervous Nellie. . . need hot chocolate STAT.

  2. darn those technical difficulties! They seem to come in groups!


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