I'm Gonna Sit Right Down

This post may be a day late and a postage stamp short, but like a letter delivered sixty four years after it was written, its better late than never. Last week was Universal Letter Writing Week (thanks Lori for the heads up). Coincidentally, I mailed my first letter of the new year last week, before I even knew there was a week devoted to writing letters.

I used my new stationary, made from not so new materials, which I received from my friend Angie for Christmas. She made the cards and envelopes from pages from magazines, calendars, used books and her students' artwork. I adore my new stationary, but there is not enough room inside the card to write more than a simple sentiment. So I made the cards into little books, using a few sheets of binder paper (graph or blank paper would work well also) cut to size and this simple technique.

1. Cut the pages for your book an 1/8 inch smaller than the inside dimension of your note card (when open).
2. Fold the pages in half and stack them on top of the open note card.
3. With a needle and thread (or floss) sew the book together using the pamphlet stitch.

There is nothing worse than running out of room when writing a letter, so make sure your book has enough pages, but not so many that you feel compelled to keep writing when it is time to wrap it up with "Sincerely Yours,".

I find it amazing that you can deliver happiness for just 41 cents. Though in 1935, when this song was written, it only cost 3 cents.

So grab some stationary, or make a little book out of your favorite blank card, and write someone a letter. Sweep them off their feet with your words oh so sweet. Go ahead, make someones day.

And if your kids love getting mail as much as mine do, sign up for the Valentine Swap for children of bloggers (you know, those poor, neglected kids) over at Still Life In Yarn. The amazingly talented Sarah is organizing the swap and has all the details. We can't wait to see what comes in the mail next month!


  1. While not a snail mail, I enjoy posting here. Thank you for your personal reply by e-mail. Are these pictures with the new camera?
    Nice close-up of the stamp.
    Must admit to tears from the you video. Some people are just so creative, and I suppose it draws other of the same cloth together!
    Have a nice day, all readers of this blog.

  2. Brilliant plan, man... although I do use the brevity of space as an excuse for just a few words (the less I say, the less trouble I tend to make for myself).

  3. I love recycled stationary, I need to get on creating some for myself!

    Hi Molly's Dad!

  4. Writing a letter? That's still possible??? :) Just jokes.

    Love your stationary and can't way for the swap!

  5. I love the idea of a "letter book"! There's something so wonderful and tactile about receiving and writing letters! I used to do it all the time but, alas, have not put pen to paper in far too long (holiday cards don't count!). Thanks for the inspiration :)

  6. i had grand plans for writing some letters last week but of course didn't follow through! :^)

    my bff leisa made me some beautiful handmade envelopes from magazine pages and some stationary that was color copies of a watercolor painting she did. love your present, too - and making them into minibooks is such a great idea. we used to do that at school. :^)


  7. Back to ya Tracey
    Molly's Dad

  8. I came here via Chik Austin, and my heart swooned! truly... I used to be such a great letter writer, and the years have made me less so. I miss it terribly and it's once of my new years resolutions, but other than our 2 dozen Christmas thank you's, I've done nothing...

    Thanks for the inspiration!


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