Daisy Chain of Fools

When I was young, I used to love to watch Wheel of Fortune with my grandpa. I'd shout out the answer as soon as I figured it out and boy did my grandparents make me think I was smart. Later I realized it might have been rude to shout out the answer, buy hey, it's just a game show. My favorite category was Before and After, in which two names or phrases that share a word are put together, such as Whitney Houston Texas (thank you Wikipedia), or even Chick Austin Texas, or Stefani Austin Texas (hey gals), or one of my recent projects - the daisy chain of fools.

I have a friend who wears the cutest scarves (though she doesn't watch Wheel of Fortune). Even when we go on a hike in sweats and sneakers, she wraps a scarf around her neck and looks ten times cuter than I ever look on the trail. After our last hike I decided to make myself a cute scarf. Foolish for two reasons: 1)I don't need another project, and 2) I can't really pull off the whole casually wrapped around the neck or draped over the shoulder scarf look. But I had fun trying.

I used this pattern for the flowers, but tweaked it by adding two extra double crochet stitches per petal. I used remnants of sock yarn from my mom and some wool I received all the way from Finland in a swap last summer (thanks Inka!). The green leaves (my own pattern I hope to post one of these days) were made from thrifted wool yarn (love those ladies at St. Luke's). The flowers were very fast and easy, and in no time I made two dozen, enough for a four foot long scarf.

It took me longer to sew them together than to crochet the leaves and flowers. Fortunately, Mr. Bailey helped me out.

Voila! A very cute daisy chain scarf that I won't be wearing on a hike any time soon. The flowers are a nice reminder that Spring is on its way, and that I have less yarn in my stash, which means more room for new yarn.

Are you up for a challenge? Just for fun (no pressure), leave a comment with a Before and After phrase of your own. This will be Easy as Pie A la Mode for those of you who watch or have watched Wheel of Fortune, and a jump start on Will Short's Sunday Puzzle for those of you who listen to Weekend Edition. Have a Good Friday Night Lights!


  1. adorable! Scarves don't always have to be practical. :)

  2. That scarf is lovely - I'm all for perky neckwear during these grim winter months! And, how's this for a before and after: The Great Unwashed laundry. Sorry, it's what's on my mind lately ;)

  3. I love the Wheel! Last night's before & after was Randy Jackson Hole Wyoming. LOL I thought that was hilarious. :)

  4. Beautiful!

  5. your scarf is very pretty!
    so unique. i love it.
    and i´m happy you found a good use for the yarn i sent. :)

  6. You will never believe this! I have felt the need to crochet, so started an afghan using Vanna White's line of yarn (yummy colors - great price). It took a few minutes to remember how to crochet, but I'm hooking again! LOL

  7. Man, I have such a little obsession with scarves. I love them, and I think I have 6 of them sitting in my winter accessories basket right now, with many more in the storage bin.

    Here's mine, with movies on the brain lately: The Great Escape from New York

  8. Not sure about the before and after. but I love love the scarf it is so cute and I can't wait for Spring!!

  9. so, put one of those in your etsy shop and i would buy it...

  10. Wow! That scarf is gorgeous. I agree, put a few on etsy, baby. . . no one can pull off a cute dress with tights like you can.

    House on fire department (??? I guess)

  11. My wife says she wants one! She was just saying how she wanted something a little more "bohemian".
    Michelle is a huge fan of scarves and has quite a growing collection. She loves it! I have no opinion about it, because, well, I'm a guy! Love ya!

  12. You are an excellent blogger and therefore get an excellent blog award! See my blog for the details.

    Guess who we're seeing in March? FNL guy.. I will pass along your cool comment about it being metaphorical.

  13. good morning light! that is a beautiful scarf. I saw it on your flickr a few days ago and loved it. I know what you mean about a good scarf, it just makes the outfit. As silly as it sounds I always feel a little prettier and more "with it" when I have a scarf around my neck. This gets me in the mood to start working on one for myself. (THough I don't crochet...)

    (my before and after was really pathetic. it's early.)

  14. I love the flower scarf, I'd like to try one but I'm too chicken little.


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