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When I read Molly's post on momformation dot com the other day about her plastic bag drying rack, I had to laugh. Just the previous evening I had written in my journal about what a pain in the behind it is to wash and dry Ziploc bags. Now I am either very sad or very fortunate that Ziploc bags cause me such trouble. Molly's drying rack did inspire me to make my own.

I've had these straight knitting needles for over twenty years. I haven't used them in years though, and they are now providing a much better service in my kitchen than in my hall closet, and I absolutely love this little milk jar (one day we will visit the Strauss Family Creamery). When not in use, I can store me baggy dryer under the sink, although I do enjoy it's presence on the windowsill.

And while I found a use for craft supplies in my kitchen, I also discovered a use for kitchen supplies in my crafting. Printing on fabric using freezer paper!

I thought I was a genius for figuring this one out, until I googled the technique and discovered this tutorial. Yes, it's been done before, and fortunately someone else has gone through the trouble of documenting the process. I can imagine all sorts of possibilities for printing on fabric - children's artwork turned into appliques, small pillows, quilt pieces. Mommy's artwork and Daddy's too, for that matter. My main purpose in printing on fabric was for embroidery, as my technique of tracing onto the fabric in pencil using the window as a light box didn't always work so well. In the future, I will make sure the original drawing I scan is finer in detail (i.e. sharp pencil or ball point pen, not a Sharpie).

Not bad for my first try, though. Does anyone want a gnome to embroider? I'll trade you for a Ziploc bag.


  1. okay, i hae one of those real bag drying deals.

    but woa. i did not know about the freezer paper trick. doing it.

  2. and by "hae" i mean "have."


  3. i would LOVE to have a gnome to embroider!

  4. Oh, I want a gnome to embroider. Perhaps I should learn to embroider first. hmmmm . . . .

  5. I have a rooster statue on the counter top that I periodically smother by hanging a drying ziploc bag over his head. We are all very talented people! (I won't say women since I know men read this blog regularly)LOL

  6. What a great idea for that bag dryer! I am going to make my own asap.

  7. I would make a ziploc bag dryer but I'm too lazy. We do the usual drape them around the kitchen bit. Mostly I'm jealous of your kitchen window though. I want a kitchen window. I also want a gnome! You are so clever...now if only I could figure out how to transfer it to a t-shirt....(clever printing plan by the way)that would be the bomb. Love your gnomes!

  8. I've never been able to break down and buy one of those "real" ziploc dryers, and now I won't have to!
    Of course I have a bunch of straight needles, too, that are never either, but the weird thing is, is that I've had a small glass milk jug like yours on the kitchen window sill nearly all summer long, intermittently filled with wildflowers and garden flowers.
    Tomorrow that milk jug will have a whole new purpose...but not until it comes out clean from the dishwasher after being used just this morning for that hard-boiled-egg-being-sucked-into-the-milk-jug experiment!
    Thanks for the idea!


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