Two Little Kittens Made Some Mittens

The very first nursery rhyme I remember Avery reciting was The Three Little Kittens:

Three little kittens,
They lost their mittens,
And they began to cry,
Oh, mother dear,
We sadly fear
Our mittens we have lost.
What! Lost your mittens,
You naughty kittens!
Then you shall have no pie.

The way she said "naughty kittens" just killed me. If only I had a recording.
A few months ago, inspired by this book, Avery decided to make her own mittens.

We made a pattern out of card stock and cut into a thrifted scarf, felted by a previous owner. She then sewed the two sides together using a blanket stitch, turned the mittens inside out, and voila!

A pair of warm, woolen mittens.

Aidan was inspired to make his own pair of mittens to give his baby cousin. It turned out to be the perfect project for our recent car trip north. I cut the mittens out of felt and threaded a blunt tipped needle with embroidery floss. He happily "knitted" the mittens with a whip stitch.

He was very proud of the final product, though I didn't have the heart to tell him they probably wouldn't fit a four month old, even if you could finagle them on a wiggly baby. He's now ready to try making a larger pair out of an old sweater (lucky for him I have a Hefty bag full of wool sweaters just waiting for a project like this).

Two little kittens
made some mittens.
Made some mittens?
You crafty kittens
Their mother proudly cried.


  1. Those look so great! I have a felted sweater that has been crying out for a purpose. That might be it!

  2. Okay, I'm new to some of this stuff. How do you achieve a "felted sweater?"
    Very cute mittens. And very clever poem, miss.

  3. How sweet!! I have a mitten idea that's been burning a hole in my head, but I was going to use some fleece that I have. I plan to make matching scarves and surprise the girls for Christmas. Give your boy a kiss for wanting to make mittens for his cousin!!

  4. wooooooooooooa,
    what a sweet gift for baby.

  5. Oh cutie cute! You're little ones are motivated! I've been needing some new mittens myself, perhaps I will give this a try.

  6. Cute mittens! I'm proud of my grand children and their Mom!

  7. So sweet and crafty.

  8. Very cute little mittens. I too have a felted sweater that I just might try that with. If it would only get cold here!

  9. You sure have some awesome kids!! Stories like those really make us miss you and the kids! Give them a big kiss from Aunt Michelle and Uncle Rob.

  10. You are a poet
    do you know it?

  11. super cute, and what a great kid craft!! i wish i'd known about this earlier, we could have made some for grandma. ;^)


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