They Go Way Back

Today is my parent's anniversary. I consider it a great fortune to have been raised by a couple who are best friends and still in love. I remember many a night when they danced around the kitchen and ended with a kiss. Now that their nest is empty, they no longer hire a babysitter when they go on a date; they now hire a masseuse to come to their house and give them a fireside massage. Not a bad way to grow old together.

When I was growing up, we used to celebrate their anniversary as a family, with a dinner of fondue and bubbly, sitting on the floor around the coffee table. I would call the local radio station and request the song which they danced to at their wedding.

Today, they will celebrate their anniversary the same way they began their marriage, just the two of them. Just you and me. I wish them a happy, happy anniversary. And just for old time's sake...


  1. Very nice Molly! Hopefully we will all have a great story like that some day.


  2. congratulations to your folks... happily ever after really does exist!

  3. Awww. So sweet.
    And thanks for that YouTube clip - I love Chicago. And Journey! More bands should add a horn section to their ensemble.

  4. Your Parents look so cute in that photo. They still look the same today. Love looks good on them.

  5. I think it is an awesome picture!!!

  6. Hey Guys, That is so awesome. Every memory I have of you guys you really do seem to enjoy each other. CONGRATS and many more. Fireside massage??Sounds great.


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