Much Ado About Aprons

Perhaps the most comfortable item in my closet is my husband's old dress shirt, which I inherited when it no longer fit him. It has pale blue and white pinstripes and is luxuriously soft. I have worn it to bed as a nightshirt, over my clothes to paint and even over my very large pregnant tummy in years past when nothing else seemed to fit. I just love men's dress shirts, from the starched collar, to the buttons that fasten opposite of my shirts, to the swooping tail at the bottom - it's a shame to tuck in such a gentle, becoming curve. Over the summer it dawned on me that I could put used men's shirt to a practical use with just a little revamping.

It was then that the Blue Collar Apron was born. An article of clothing typically worn by white collared professionals, restructured to be put to hard work at home. Out of the boardroom and into the kitchen.

I made a few samples, gave as many away as presents, and set about amassing used but usable men's shirts from thrift stores and rummage sales to make more. Last Friday I decided there was "nothing to it but to do it", my personal motivating motto, and open up shop to sell my creations. My family room was immediately transformed into a workshop, my dining room into a photo studio, and my laptop into a storefront.

My new store, molly made, can be found here. Each and every apron listed is distinctly different and completely unique. Take a look and see if there is an apron just for you or someone you know, because one can never have too many aprons, especially when they are this cute.


  1. Molly, those are so incredibly cute. Good for you for working your fingers to the bone to sell them! Production sewing is beastly.


  2. Even better! Are you looking at retirement soon? This will be a smash hit!

  3. Oh Molly! They are amazing! So completely gorgeous! Congratulations!!!!

  4. Let me know when I can quit my job and sew for you!They are fabulous!

  5. congratulations on your new store! they are *gorgeous* and i agree, there is nothing better than a worn men's dress shirt. :^)

    so exciting!

  6. I have seen these in person and you do beautiful work, Molly. I love them. And I love mine ;) Thank you, friend.

  7. These are so adorable, Molly! Congratulations!

  8. Congratulations on the new shop! Great idea on the aprons!!!

  9. Bravo! These are great. I lke the orange one, no the blue pinstripe... wait maybe the... oh! I love them all!

  10. i LOVE it!!!!!
    So awesome Molly!!! And your shop name is rad too!!


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