Decorating for the Season

We may not have twinkling lights or reindeer that move their heads, but we do decorate for the season. Our house always looks like this from the day after Thanksgiving until some time after the first of the year. It's the look of CHAOS, which some of you Fly Lady fans may know stands for Can't Have Anyone Over Syndrome. I am a long-time sufferer of this affliction, and this time of the year it really flares up.

The look is not particularly festive, but it is productive. Once the linens come off our Thanksgiving table, the sewing machine, ironing board and fabric come out. The cold, short days of November and December lend themselves nicely to some big sewing projects; one year it was a slipcover for the couch, this year it was aprons. Now that the aprons are done, I am thinking of moving on to drapes for the family room and new curtains for the kitchen. I might even have a quilt in me after the first of the year.

This year, the look of CHAOS is accentuated by the partially constructed family room hutch. The remaining cabinet doors are being primed as we speak. Hopefully by the time I am done sewing and the banquet table turned craft central is cleaned up and stored until next year, the hutch will be complete and the family room will be returned to its original purpose - a place to hang out and entertain. But until the CHAOS subsides, perhaps we can just party at your house and enjoy your twinkling lights. I'll bring the hot buttered rum.


  1. I love Fly Lady! But I'm still waiting for it to "sink" in... ha, ha.

    Your home is always welcoming - no matter how you decorate. But needless to say, come on over anytime. You know we are always up for an impromptu party (no planning ahead, please ;)

  2. I tend to decorate the same way!

  3. Hey! Your house resembles mine right now. You must have been peeking at my decor.

  4. uh... is it bad if I DO celebrate Christmas and my house looks like yours... only I haven't made a kazillion aprons or slip covers or drapes?
    and is it bad that I DO have people over EVEN though my house looks like yours?
    and is it a bad sign when my mother-in-law--who is recuperating at my house right now--tells her sister that it is "too complicated" for her to come over for dinner, even though I asked her to invite her sister to dinner?

  5. Love the CHAOS acronym. I like in a state of CHAOS!

  6. I think when I get the boxes unpacked in the den I'll turn it into CHAOS and make a quilt.

  7. Hi Molly...would you mind sending me your email address?
    Linda (Cam's mom-in=law)

  8. hey, i have CHAOS! :^D

    i have such an advanced case that i've developed DGAD complications. (don't give a darn)



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