And A Happy Gnew Year

Well friends, I had hoped to include the gnome template in this post for those of you who might have gnomes on the brain like I do right now, but alas, my lack of computer savvy has impeded my good intentions. Still waiting to figure out the PDF conversion business. In the meantime, here is a picture that you can feel free to copy and print.

I have a lot of things to figure out this year, like how to put together the "gnitting" bag I've designed in my head. How to knit a cable. How to use Library Thing to catalog the books we've read. How to avoid late fees at the library.

In years past, my New Year's resolutions would have also included "get more organized", but I had an epiphany the other day when I looked down at my craft table and saw this:

Note the caption there in the middle of the Sunset magazine I have yet to read because it has been buried since November: 3 Great Ways To Lose The Clutter. As I was typing the last line, I accidentally typed "love" instead of "lose", but that is the perfect Freudian slip, for I have decided to love, accept and embrace our clutter. Not that I plan to let it out of control, but I plan to perceive the clutter we create as part of the lifestyle we've chosen. We are a project-based family with lots of interests, ideas and pursuits, which often result in messes. This year, let us bless our mess and celebrate our creativity.

Also on my to-do list this year:

-Keeping a family journal (so we can write down those funny moments like Aidan telling Avery her favorite color was the color of poop; or the day mommy was sad because a woman striving to make her world a better place was assassinated on the other side of the globe; or the day we did the happy dance because the car finally passed smog after replacing a $30 gas cap)

-Writing letters to family and friends (a means of communication which I love but at which I am not so good; perhaps I will manage to send out a few letters a month - if I have your address, keep an eye on your mailbox)

-Taking and posting at least one picture a day to capture everyday family moments (I hope to post these as a set of Flickr, but also perhaps on the side bar of my blog)

-Figure out why the "T" key on my laptop is working sporadically (I never knew how much I use the letter T or how many words mean something completely different when you leave it out)

So far, that's it for my list. A few worthy goals; and now that I've shared them, I might be more inclined to follow through with a couple. Cheers to a new year, a new calendar, and a new lease on life. May we all be happy, healthy and here for the next.


  1. The "E" key on my laptop is wonky as well. Sometimes it types way too many and other times it doesn't type at all. Not fun considering almost every word has an "E" in it!

    Happy 2008!

  2. Happy New Year Molly! I love your take on embracing the clutter. I have it too. Now I have to figure out how to embrace it without hyperventilating when I look at it. :)

    It has been such a joy getting to know you this year. When you're ready to cable, give me a shout. I'll walk you through it online.

  3. I am giggling at gnitting! I would love to learn how to gnit!

  4. Great list, friend! Happy New Year :) I love your gnitting gnome. (I saw it sketched out at your house the other day... it's so exciting to see it finished. You inspire me!) Here's to an inspiring new year.

  5. I love you list. It's better than a "resolution", which invokes some intangible hoping rather than "to do", which is an action list.

    I'll be looking forward to seeing your End of the Year Accomplishments post, which will probably be very near this "To Do" list ;).

    Gnitting Gnome?!? Classic!

  6. I "love" your typo. . . go with the greater message. I look forward to being your friend in 2008, 13 years of friendship. . . yeehaa!

  7. Avery does like the color brown. As I read that I could hear Aidan's voice and I pictured it all happening in slow motion!! Priceless. One of our new years resolutions is to get out there at least once every quarter to see everyone (especially the kids!)

  8. Great list! Think I'll have to adopt your clutter plan too!
    Love your gnome ~ Happy Gnew Year to you too. <:O)>

  9. Happy New Year Molly! Your idea of embracing clutter rings so true with what has been on my mind lately. I realize that I often put off creative project with my children because i'm always anticipating the mess (and clean up) that will follow. I'm really trying to let go without letting things get completely out of control....

    And i love your idea of writing letters. Something I'd also like to work on...if you (or your kids) ever want a pen pal.....

  10. I'm cheering you on to accomplish your goals! I'd like to learn how to gnit myself! ;)

  11. Happy New Year...I love your list.

  12. my husband just had to buy a new keyboard because two of his keys stopped functioning after a coffee flood. :^P (and he's a computer engineer, so he thought he could fix it!)

    your gnitting gnome is SO cute. :^)

    the most i can hope for in aught eight is to corral my clutter. sigh.

  13. I love the notion of writing letters every month. And accepting the clutter. I don't think I'm able to do that quite yet. Maybe soon.


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