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We live just one block down from the intersection of Brook and Shields. I have always found this street sign funny, considering these streets were named long before Brooke Shields made her debut (and who would name a street after her anyways?). The weird thing is, this is the second time I have mentioned Brooke Shields in one of my posts.

This garden sign is posted at the entrance to a garden that grows absolutely nothing. I think the bugs ate it all. Weird, or ironic?

I really wanted to take a picture of the pet bird that meows every morning or the dog that walks himself (he carries his leash in his mouth), but I got no further than our garage this afternoon. After thinking about the meaning of the word "weird", I settled on the definition "departure from normal", and I decided we are about the weirdest people in our neighborhood. What makes us weird?, you may ask if you don't know us. Short list:

1. We have four tap handles on the side of the refrigerator in our garage, and instead of neighbors coming over to ask for a cup of sugar, they come over asking for a pint of beer.

2. We garden in our front yard.

3. We homeschool, which is not weird in itself, but it definitely departs from the norm in our neighborhood.

4. We have had a mop on our roof for several months, which was left by my husband after he cleaned our solar panels. This is better than the pair of underwear that was in our tree all summer (thanks Marjorie for getting them down, though I don't know how they got there in the first place).

I have a theory that there is no such thing as a normal person, that all people are weird, and therefore weird is normal, but I might just be trying to make myself feel better. I don't mind being different, and I really can't help it after all. Our friends and neighbors don't seem to mind either, especially after they've had a pint. We have pumpkin beer on tap right now, which is much better than the potato beer we had a few years back. Weird, or gross?


  1. OH, MY GOODNESS! You just had me laughing so hard!!! The mop is killing me. :) (and the underware that belonged to my daughter???)

    btw, Jerry liked the potato beer. Maybe he's weird.

  2. Hahahahaha, underwear in the tree. . . we are all normal!
    The pumpkin beer was deeeelicious. Thank you!

  3. Oh, I don't know - you sound perfectly normal to me. We hang underwear all over the place and especially in the trees. What? You don't believe me? Darn.

    I love your beer fridge - my husband would be very jealous.

  4. omg! this is hilarious molly! i wish i was your neighbor!!!

  5. Pumpkin beer a block from Brook Shields? I'll be right there. And man, that potato beer must've been something if underwear were in your tree and you don't know how they got there :-)

  6. I find that sign very funny as well. If you were our neighbor, my husband would move into your garage. Your neighborhood sounds like a lot of fun.

  7. I don't even know where to begin to respond to this post ... there's too much (Brook/Sheilds, beer fridge, underwear in trees ...). You are 'weird.'

    But take heart. I think, like you said, most of us are a little "weird."

    We actually do hang underwear from trees ... well, sort of. My clothesline stretches from my house to a tree in the front yard, and we hang underwear on the clothesline. Is that weird?

  8. maybe brooke's mom drove down that street and thought it sounded like a fab name!

    oh and i'm comin' over for a pint. that has got to be the coolest fridge ever!!!!

  9. OMG!!!! Pumpkin beer!!??? Are you kidding me???? I'll be right over!!!!!

  10. LOVE, LOVE, LOVE the beer taps!!! And the Brooke Sheilds sign is fabulous.

  11. My husband the homebrewer will love that fridge Idea!

  12. Good post - I agree we are all weird and therefore all normal in our own inimitable way! I love the underwear and mop stories and that you have solar!!

  13. i want one of those pesticide free zone signs.

  14. Save some pumpkin beer for me!

  15. Yes, our beer fridge is quite popular with the menfolk in our hood. The other day I went out to the garage to get something out of the freezer and there were three men standing around drinking beer - in the middle of the day (or beer:30 as we call it). And the pesticide sign - I'm very tempted to ask the new owners (who don't strike me as pesticide free folk) if I can take the sign off their hands. But that might be weird.


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