I Got Nothin'

Well, not exactly nothing, but not as much as I planned. I spent precious time Saturday morning making room on my memory card to capture lots of memories of Apple Hill only to discover once we were there that my batteries were nearly dead. Aarrgh. I took a few shots while the battery indicator flashed red.

We played.

We posed (for Grandma, who never leaves home with almost dead batteries).

We got tired.

And then the screen went black. The bright side of the dead battery situation is that I spent more time gazing at the scenery than looking through a lens, and more time just being with my family than stalking them with my camera. Despite the lack of photographic evidence, we had a wonderful day.

George is on vacation this week and we are building a built-in hutch in the family room to house the computer and other learning materials. It's going to be one big cabinet. My posts will be a little sporadic while I'm helping George rip the ply and prime and paint, but I will definitely recharge the camera batteries in order to show you the finished product. Stay tuned.


  1. Have lots of fun! Your husband is certainly more handy than mine. Looking forward to seeing the finished product!

  2. I'm sure you loaded memories in head too!
    Thanks for sharing a beautiful day with us in Apple Hill. It was good George went, he needed the recharge too.
    Maybe next year it will be more fall-like (cloudy and cooler). And you'll have memory and power cells.
    Have a rippin' fun week!

  3. Yes, sometimes it's good just to absorb the moment rather than photograph it...but it still would be nice to have the pictures.

  4. I hate it when that happens! It always happens at the worst moments. One year at a birthday I was using my camera and when it was time to do cake my batteries died. I quickly picked up my video camera and the tape roll had ended. Ugh!

  5. I do that all the time - walk out of the house with my camera batteries almost dead ... or I forget the camera altogether ;). It's hard to make a picture scrapbook/portfolio of our "school" year when I'm always forgetting the camera ;).

  6. Drats! I think dead batteries are a normal part of life (it probably used to be that the cow ran dry, now it's the batteries).

    Can't wait to see your finished product. . .

  7. I looove that last picture of Aidan. Isn't that how we all feel after a fun day trip? And the picture of Avery is great, too.

  8. Still ended up with a few fabulous shots! And the memories made....!

    kari & kijsa

  9. Back in the day, it was a matter of neglecting to check if the film was loaded correctly.
    Mark was just apologizing--for the millionth time--recently when something reminded him of the tea party-catastrophy.
    I had staged a teaparty-photo op. with my Grandma Hoskins, the playhouse,and all the women in the family, complete with hats and gloves. Grandma--while always adorable--was especially stunning that day in a beautiful old duster-car coat from back when one needed to wear an overcoat while driving--a glorious wide-rimmed hat--from I'm-not-sure-when--white gloves and a sweet patent-leather purse. Through-out the afternoon, Mark took a series of most BEAUTIFUL shots (I'm sure), and as Aunt Leora and Grandma were driving away, he shot off the last couple of shots and thought how odd that it didn't feel like it was at the end of the roll. To our horror, he discovered the film had never been attatched, and we didn't even have one shot from the day!


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