The Acorn Maidens

The acorns are falling from the heavens in great abundance and have inspired some craftiness in our neck of the woods.

Like the oak trees themselves, crafting with acorns is messy business.

But the results are just too cute.

These fair maidens were created by a group of young, talented maidens gathered around the neighborhood.

They couldn't make just one,

and who could blame them. Had I not been so busy helping the girls, I would have sat down and made a few maidens of my own to adorn the mantel.

Here is the story that inspired our Acorn Maidens, a lovely example of Native American folklore, which I wish had a more prominent place in our culture rather than being tucked away in books. To think how many more stories were once told around the fire that never found their way to paper for preservation; so many tales we will never hear or pass on.

Here and here are some different variations on Acorn Maidens and Fall Fairies. I dare you to make some of your own; but be forewarned, you won't be able to stop at one. Wouldn't they make cute place cards for a fall feast?

Now to figure out a craft to do with all the galls. Gall Goblins perhaps?


  1. these maidens are so whimsy! lovely!! :)

  2. oh, oh, oh...as sweet as can be.

    i want to go check our oak tree. : )

  3. those are so cute!! I hope I can remember that when my little girl is bigger.

  4. These are too sweet!

  5. I heard about some fairy making next door. Very cute :) Thank you for your fairy hospitality, Molly.

  6. Those are wicked cute! I'm thinking it's a rainy day and my girls are sounding bored (looking through the dog breed book in search of a new pooch ... not gonna happen!). We have a wonderful place for faery houses. Maybe it's needing some "faeries"?

  7. These are SO cute. Can I just tell you I LOVE you blog. I'm constantly getting inspired the things you do with your kids. Everyday I look forward to seeing what you say here.

  8. oh my! these are so so cute! We did some acron crafts today too. I'm showing these to emma. she's going to love them.

  9. what a great idea!!!

  10. Oooooh, I want a dress made out of leaves!

  11. These are really cute, will be making some with my girls next Autumn! Thanks for sharing :O)

  12. love these!! :^)


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