Why I Don't Scrapbook

I really don't need another messy activity. As much as I love pictures, paper, scissors, gel pens and stickers, I just can't bring myself to scrapbook. Most of my pictures reside digitally on CDs, while my actual pictures live in a box. Every few weeks, the kids and I get the box out and take a stroll down memory lane, or we pop a CD in the computer and watch a slide show. But sometimes, the kids want more from the pictures. They want to scrapbook.

Sometimes, I say yes. Out comes the pictures, scissors, stickers, glue sticks and beautiful paper, and an afternoon of memorable mess making ensues. Avery is putting together an adorable book of places she has been and people she loves.

Aidan has been wanting to make a book since we saw this project on DIY kids. His book is filled with pictures of him and his friends. Absolutely adorable.

When I first showed my blog to my scrapbooking friend, Marjorie, she responded, "You're just scrapbooking online." It's true - pictures and journal boxes fill my blog, but not my coffee table. I have good intentions of doing something with all of our pictures one day, but for now this is a nice, clean, safe place to share and store our memories. Perhaps I'll follow in my mom's footsteps and present a scrapbook to my children when they have children. Twenty or more years is plenty of time to put together a baby album, right?


  1. Totally understand the not scrapbooking thing. I have all of the "stuff" but I get overwhelmed when putting it all together. However, I love what the kids did! Very cute.

    I'll have to remember that the blog is like an online scrapbook. There is a service that will print it out as a book for you. I may do that someday.

  2. I hear that! I did pretty well, with the scrapbooking when I had just the oldest two, but even then it was a struggle to keep up. The third put me over the edge. We've also done the books through iPhoto. They come hardbound, and are actually pretty nice. One day, I'll get all that junk out again, and I'll revel in days gone by and letter stickers, but for now, this will have to do :-) BTW, your kids scrapbooking is really sweet!

  3. Ah... a post close to my heart (in more than one way.) You will notice that I have joined the ranks of you all and put away my paper and tape runner for now at least. I like the quick results of "scrapbooking online."

    Oh, and cute pages - even Aidan is getting in on the action. I'm impressed.

  4. I think it's much easier to have your sister-in-law do any scrapbooking you want. Michelle seems to enjoy the task, and we enjoy going with her to scrapbooks shops. Let those who enjoy it do it!
    We on the other hand can enjoy the efforts of the others.
    No, twenty years isn't enough, but it will do.

  5. I do an actual "digital" scrapbook/year book in May that chronicles our "school year" activities. It serves as our portfolio for the year, and it's a nice keepsake. I print out the pages on my color printer and then bind them all together to make the book. It's a lot of fun, and not as messy or time-consuming as a cut and paste scrapbook.

    I love the scrapbooks your children have done. Very cute ;).


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