What A Difference A Week Makes

Last week, we were in the pool.
This week, we are begging daddy for a hot tub.

Last week, we were in our bathing suits.
This week, we are in wool sweaters.

Last week, we were in flip flops.
This week, we are scrounging for socks.

Last week, we were in summer.
This week, we are in heaven.

Did you notice that summer left through the back door without saying goodbye, and fall took up residence as if she had never left at all? Welcome back dear friend. I've been looking forward to your visit. Would you like a cup of tea?


  1. Wow, "fall" bonked you over the this week too, eh? It's exciting... but, I'm definitely mourning the loss of my garden harvests. Oh well, on to Happy Autumn ya'll!

  2. We've had something similar, though not as extreme. We're still swimming, but now the water has a chill. We're driving to school with the top down. Walking outside isn't like walking into a furnace. It's a lovely thing.

  3. Oh, sorry, that would be HEAD, it bonked you over the head. (I guess I've been left a little dazed and confused after this drastic change in weather!)

  4. Yes, Good Earth, please :)

    love the picture.

  5. The special charm of Northern California is that the seasonal changes happen in less than 24 hours.
    So one moment we have summer, and the next moment molly is taking wonderful pictures of shoes.

  6. I wonder if summer snuck out the back door because she knew she had worn out her welcome!?

  7. La la la la laaaaa! I don't hear you! La la la la la. It's still SUMMER here!

    Seriously, can you puhlease have a talk with Miss Autumn and tell her that she's been gone from Texas far too long?

    Tell her I'm prepared to offer her soup and a crocheted blanket if only she'll pop in.

  8. My sentiments exactly!
    Thanks for poping in to say "Hello", it is always nice to meet a fellow memeber of the PRS!LOL.

  9. The only problem is that summer was pretty nice to us,she could have just eased out the door. But fall pushed her right out. Let's just hope winter doesn't become too bossy and kick US out the door again. I'm so happy with fall, I'm going to make a pumpkin cheesecake today. And yes, where exactly did I put all my socks!

  10. I also love autumn when the leaves turn orange, red, yellow and it gets colder. It´s the best feeling when you can wrap yourself with warm clothes.
    Take care! :)


  11. Just so you don't over react......
    Next week we will enjoy the warm weather again. The fat lady hasn't sung yet!

  12. I couldn't agree more! What a lovely poem like post about my favorite season.

  13. Love the shoes!!! I wish fall would make itself shown around here. I'm ready for jeans and sweaters. have a great weekend!


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