Going Dutch

Dutch angle. "The process where a camera is angled so that the horizontal frame line is not parallel to the horizon." (Microfilmmaker Magazine online filmmaker's dictionary). I learned this term recently while receiving photo tips from a local photographer.

Dutch Door. This is the playhouse door. I've always wanted a Dutch door. The inside of the door is painted with chalkboard paint, which I wish I could paint every door with as I love chalkboards.

Dutch Barn. I picked up this little plate for 50 cents at the thrift store the other day. I absolutely love it and will find a good use for it come winter. My husband does not like Dutch Barn inspired architecture. He also does not like to be photographed. No Dutch angles of George. He is not a Dutch Uncle , contrary to what this picture may suggest. His favorite bread is Dutch Crunch.

Dutch Proverb. Een man met baard, daar is een vrouw bij bewaard. A bearded man is a woman provided for. We only went Dutch on one date before he set me straight. He's an old fashioned kind of guy that pays for dates and opens doors. We haven't been on a date for a long time, Dutch or otherwise, but I'm not complaining because I am well provided for.

Dutch Baby. An excellent treat on a cold Sunday morning. If you are opposed to eating something containing the word "baby", call it an oven pancake. I use this recipe, but I add sliced apples or pears to the skillet before adding the batter. It makes me long for Yorkshire Pudding, but I will have to wait until December to indulge that craving.
Dutch Dollhouse. While you are waiting for the baby to come out of the oven, check out this cool website. You can move the characters around within the house and adjust the shadows and lighting for desired effect. The rest of the website is pretty great too. My kids love the collage maker.

Double Dutch. A jump rope technique that also means gibberish. Have a great weekend, and don't gibber too much.


  1. Oh my gosh! You are chock full of Dutch goodness! And hey... you know the Martha leaf cookies we made? Dutch Process Cocoa in those :-)

  2. Wow! You just blogged your little heart out. I am loving all the places it took me - away from here... And now I must get ready for Grey's Anatomy - to take me even farther. thanks, friend (for making me laugh earlier tonight when I really just wanted to cry.)

  3. I hope you didn't get in Dutch for stealing that picture of George
    PS... Sunday's Dutch baby was a little piece of heaven & so was spending some time with you and yours!

  4. Very cute! That Dutch Baby looks delicious. I think I'll go eat breakfast now, and wish it was that.

  5. Perhaps you can make something "dutch" for next weekend? The group may be rather large for one, so any ideas? Looking forward to next weekend!!!
    Love your "dutchness"

  6. I'm eating my oatmeal as I read your blog... would definitely prefer to be eating your Dutch Baby. As always, what YOU are serving looks yummy Molly!

  7. i have a dutch potato peeler for potatoes - perhaps i will send it in your swap package which regretably i have not yet sent but still have 2 days to do so without being late so call me a last minute kinda girl i guess.

  8. Thank you for sharing your "Dutch" knowledge. I love it!


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