Dinner With Friends

Many of us know very well the joy of dining with girlfriends, but tonight my daughter discovered the fun to be had when a gaggle of girls gather around a table. Spaghetti, broccoli and ice water brought the girls to the table, but silly faces, giggles and a few dares kept them around the table long after the food was gone. It was truly a sight and sound to behold, and besides sneaking a few pictures and serving seconds, I kept my distance and let the girls be girls.

Dinner was followed by dessert and games outside. Today it's ice pops and Go Fish, but before long it will be tiramisu and Scrabble. Here's to many more dinners with friends and the absolute joy they bring to the table.


  1. That was sweet. And now I want to go to dinner with my girlfriends... With maybe some wine instead of ice water. :)

  2. Tiramisu and Scrabble. . . is that an invitation?

  3. At my house, the girls eat pizza and play with Photobooth on the Mac. They just take goofy pictures of themselves over and over and over. Having girlfriends over is just the best.

  4. There's nothing like sitting with girlfriends and having some laughs! Knitting is a great opportunity for that. Especially when wine and dark chocolate is involved!

  5. Oh, Molly, that's fantastic! What fun! I just love the idea of girlfriend dinners, now and later :-)

  6. even though i hate to see her continue to grow up, i cannot wait until my bella is that age :)


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