We listen to a lot of music around here. Last summer, my kids discovered Kidz Bop. Fortunately, the library has kept us supplied with a steady stream of these kid-friendly CDs. While I originally thought this kind of music (kids singing pop) would drive me crazy, I have found that I am actually grateful for the cleaned up lyrics and enunciated verses. Now I finally know the words to some popular songs, and to my children's dismay, sing along when the CDs are playing. Kidz Bop CDs are a sure fire way to turn a dull moment into a dance party (as seen above).

Two of the pop songs my kids like to sing right now are Unwritten and Bop To the Top. Both songs have similar lyrics about releasing or wiping away inhibitions. It is a funny thing indeed to hear a 4 and 6 year old singing about inhibitions. Isn't the beauty of youth not knowing the definition of inhibition? It was when I was young. My dad used to give me a quarter for the jukebox when we went to our favorite restaurant (yep, it was that fancy) and I would deliver a solo Solid Gold performance. Now, a quarter of a century later, when I sing and dance to pop music, does it mean I have shed my inhibitions, or just lost my marbles? Whatever the verdict, I know my children and I are having fun and making memories as we bop to the Top 40.


  1. Oh that booty shakin is good stuff! Love it!

  2. I miss the quarters spent at Murrillos, and the songs we enjoyed.....most of the time!
    Glad the rhythm stays in the genes!


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