Once upon a time, in a blog not so far away...

The word "blog" entered my vocabulary almost two years ago when a few friends of mine started blogging. I heard about it on NPR a few times also (almost anything worth hearing is heard on NPR). A good friend encouraged me to start blogging, and I thought, "What could I possibly blog about?" I didn't see the raw material that is my life as potential reading material for others. I had no idea then how blogging would change my life.

I see my blog as a way to direct my own fairy tale. I have become the spin doctor of my own life. I have complete control to accentuate the positive and eliminate the negative, or at least make light of the negative through humor. Thanks to my blog, I have given myself permission to be who I want to be: writer, photographer, artist, chef, gardener. Since I started blogging on a regular basis, I believe I am a better wife, a closer friend, a more mindful momma (except, of course, during the act of blogging). Everything I see, hear, feel, dream, imagine has become potential material. I am more observant, thoughtful, creative, confident and adventurous.

Contrary to what I once imagined, narrowing down my list of blog topics has become a challenge. When I blog is challenging as well. If I blog late at night, I've been known to accidentally plagiarize (sorry again Stephani...Mama said, mama said, hey, not to worry). If I blog early in the morning, my daughter is awakened by clicking keys. But every word I type, picture I post, and comment I receive is worth finding a solution to these challenges.

The benefits I receive from reading other blogs is immeasurable. The creative energy that pulses through the blogosphere is palpable. I became addicted to reading blogs when one day I Googled the phrase "homeschooling bad day". I was desperate for help. I needed to know that I was not alone, that other people had bad days and might have solutions. I am grateful for bad days now that I know there's a silver lining at blogger, typepad and wordpress. I only hope that I can provide as much camaraderie, encouragement and inspiration as other bloggers have provided me.

Remember the saying, "Here's a quarter, call someone who cares"? I think I heard it a few times in elementary school. I'm sure it started out as "Here's a nickel...", then, "Here's a dime...", but with the rate of inflation it was definitely a quarter by the time I heard the quip.
It's an antiquated phrase these days, now that pay phones are hard to find and everybody has cellular (I'm still holding out on that one). So here's my quip: "Here's a blog, tell someone who cares."

Thank you for giving a care and reading my blog. You, dear reader, are an integral part of the fairy tale I am living, directing and sharing. Stay tuned for my next 50 blogs and find out how I live happily ever after.

P.S. This is technically my 51st blog. My 50th post happened to fall on Raggedy Ann's special day, so I delayed this post in her honor. She thanks all you sweet, sweet readers for your birthday wishes.


  1. Your blog brings me delight with every post - I'm glad to have found it! Thanks for being here.

  2. So well said! Happy 51st!

  3. Almost makes me want to blog.... nah, I'll just read :)

  4. Happy 51st Blog! How exciting, isn't it, to have found this little outlet? Thanks for sharing yourself. I really enjoying reading your musings ;).

  5. Keep on bloggin'. (Imagine me saying that with a thumb way up in the air -- for you. Two thumbs up in fact!).

  6. Just another day in your life......
    ....that we get to share.
    Thanks for sharing.

  7. Your blog is an inspiration. Okay, honestly, it's not for me. But, I do enjoy reading what projects you are concocting; although I don't really see myself creating any "firefly jars" anytime soon, it's comforting to know that my dear sister has a domestic gene that is so strong. Years ago, I would have guessed that you would even procreate, let alone become a combination of Mrs. Cleaver, Martha Stewart and Marge Simpson. I love you and congratulations on your 51st!


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