Have I Told You Lately I Love You

I'm not typically romantic, so I can't explain why this is the second day I have blogged about love. Did someone slip me an aphrodisiac? Too many Kidz Bop love songs? Perhaps I drank too much coffee. My cup is running over, all over my blog.

Love is such a constant force in my life, and sometimes I take it for granted. Every once in a while it reaches out and whacks me on the head, lovingly, and reminds me of all of it's magnificent facets. Today, love tapped me on the shoulder and drew my attention to my husband, George.

There are so many reasons I love him, but I'll only share five, so as not to gag you with my gushing.

1. He is tall and strong (like my coffee). He can reach things on the highest shelf and is willing to carry my heavy vintage sewing machine wherever I ask.

2. When I showed him my plans for a sewing project, he asked if I was going to line my project. How could you not love a man who appreciates the importance of lining?

3. After dinner the other night, he offered to run to the store for some ice cream. Actually, he rode his bike. Before he left, he asked me for a cloth grocery bag. I love a man who loves the earth.

4. He caught, killed, gutted and cooked a trout over the weekend for our son. He is a catch and release kind of guy, but because our little guy loves fish so much, George put aside his personal convictions to make Aidan very happy. He even cleaned the fry pan. I'm glad I caught and didn't release him.

5. He makes hoppy beer that makes me very happy. Right now I'm enjoying a pint of his tasty hefeweizen, savoring the subtle hint of banana and clove. Mmmm.

I caught him reading my blog the other day, using the laptop which he bought me so I could write inside and out, and write my insides out. He was smiling. I wonder what he'll do when he reads this one, hehehe. And since I can't help myself, I have to share just one more thing I love about George. He flosses every day, and that is why his teeth look this good. Now you know where Aidan gets his teeth. That's right, the same package as George. Thanks Uncle Rob and Aunt Michelle for the laughs.


  1. That makes me want to go brush my teeth! (very sweet about George, though.) And I love him for his beer, too :)

  2. The teeth I can do without, but not the beer!
    A good man is hard to find. I'm glad you did.

  3. What a nice tribute. Sounds like that would be a good blog meme ... maybe I'll steal your idea and post a "5 Things I Love About You" for Deus Ex Machina ... ;)

  4. Man you guys are going to be loaded when the Tooth Fairy comes 'round! George soudnds like a doll :-)

  5. Ahhhh Molly. You brought a tear to my eye. . . those are beautiful sentiments!

  6. It's amazing that you put into words my thoughts (not about George though, about Dad)George is exceptional just like your Dad! What amazing catches we have. Look out when Dad starts brewing beer.

  7. Well, you know what they say, "Birds of a feather flock together" You and George are a matched set, and just look at what you are both creating with your lives.
    The other day when I stopped by your house and saw the rainbow of bikes parked out front--some up right, some laying down--and children everywhere, I thought to myself, this is life. Honestly, my heart surged with joy. Your cup overflows to the cups surrounding you.

  8. AnonymousJuly 30, 2009

    I also have a gooooood man. I've had him since 1971. Neither of us lifts logs into a truck any more, but we are still 200 percent there for each other every day. I don't deserve him really, but, there he is. I have more respect and admiration for him than anyone else I know. He is my hero. I am his thorn in the side. But...I try very hard every day to tell him how much I love and appreciate him and promise never to take him for granted. Enough said. Great popcorn recipe! THANK YOU. Betty.


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