Eat Locally, Make Friends Globally

If I were to label this summer, it would be the Summer of Blog Love. I have been inspired and touched by the blogs I have read and the bloggers I have met, and I have become closer to friends and family, near and far, through my blog.

Speaking of labels, Leigh Ann of Canada has been extremely generous. She mailed me an envelope full of jar labels, book labels, gift tags, and blank stickers for embellishment. It was so much fun to receive physical mail from a blog friend. If I had to work outside the home, I would want to work with Leigh Ann. I'd probably spend more time laughing than working. We'd probably get in trouble with the boss. Now that I have her address, she will have to watch her mail box for some goodies.

Wendy of Maine has truly set an example for eating local, a very popular movement throughout the blogosphere. Between growing fruit and vegetables, keeping chickens, and buying locally grown foods, she and her family have experienced a wonderful feast this summer, and she has been kind enough to share menus and recipes. I look forward to reading her blog as the seasons and menus change.

Stefani of Texas has become a bosom buddy, sharing book recommendations, canning secrets, ideas for personal and family projects, and the joy of homeschooling. How I wish we lived closer, but I'm grateful for the immediate gratification of email. Perhaps we'll even share some snail mail (just need a physical address). Stephanie will be a wonderful source of support and inspiration for the upcoming school year, and I can't wait to compare notes on curriculum and more.

Kirstie has been my bosom buddy for more years than I care to share. She and I share many tales in person, but we share different tales on our blogs. It's great to have something new to say, even after we've devoured each other's words. There's rarely a gap in our conversations, a wonderful benefit of a true friend.

I'm very excited that my dear friend and neighbor Marjorie (who prefers to remain unlinked) has started a blog as a way to share family pictures and anecdotes with friends and family that live too far away to see and hear about her beautiful family up close and personal. She is an amazing photographer and scrapbooker, and I'm sure her blog will be wonderful.

When I sit down at the computer to post a blog, I sometimes forget that I am sharing pieces of myself with friends, family and strangers. I am at times surprised when having a conversation with someone that they mention something from my blog. Oh yeah, I wrote about that, and you read it - weird. I love experiencing the impact of the written word, and the dimension it adds to my life. Blog on my friends. You all rock.


  1. Yum! That jam looks wonderful.

  2. You are so good to me, Molly! Thanks so much. I love you right back!

  3. Yes, I must share Stefani's sentiments - you are too good to me. Thank you, friend. And thank you for coming over to help me set up my blog today. Even through the craziness of 6 kids here and much spilled water, I learned so much from you. As always. xoxo.

  4. Hey girl - I think we are all seeing the benefits of bloggies (blog buddies)and sometimes those of us that are "in" it are the only ones who get "it". I'm actually ok with that. Looking forward to getting to know you more.

  5. Wow! Thanks so much for the kind words. But if you want "eat local" inspiration from Maine, you really should visit Liz at PocketFarm.com. She's the one who inspired me ;).

    I think I agree with Teague. It's amazing to be able to have contact with so many people from all over whose values and goals pretty closely match my own. I don't always get that in person. I go out into my local community and get all of the motivation and drive sucked out of me, and then, I come home, get a cup of tea, and get renewed when I visit here.

    Anyway, thank YOU for being an inspiration in so many ways!

  6. ooooh, this picture is glowy! I loves it! And the jam looks yum delicious.


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