Metamucil is Regular Fun!

Who knew that a chance meeting with a like-minded mommy at our dentist's office would lead our family to play with the contents of the medicine cabinet? One morning a few months ago, while waiting for Avery's agonizing appointment to end, I met a very nice lady who is planning to homeschool her small children. We hit it off, and so did our little boys. I picked up a magazine to flip through, and she asked me if I had ever read Wonder Time. I had never seen this gem of a magazine, and I am oh-so-grateful for her recommendation.

After perusing the issues in the dentist's office, I went straight home and logged onto the magazine's website. The kids and I were inspired to go on a nature walk that same afternoon and gather nest building supplies for this lovely project. I've received several copies of the magazine so far (very easy, painless online subscription service), and each issue has turned us onto fun projects, good books, excellent games and tasty recipes.

The Metamucil slime recipe was a great hit (Aidan thought it was tasty, though I tried to warn him about side effects). It was fun and easy to make, and what kid doesn't enjoy a good sliming? Just one warning: wear play clothes and be ready to scrub the laundry a little. The slime leaves behind a mess reminiscent of snail trails.

Look Sharp was another fun project. We hit the medicine cabinet for that activity, too. An empty baby medicine dropper filled with rubbing alcohol, a piece of fabric held tight over an empty yogurt cup with a rubber band, and a few Sharpies have kept my kids busy creating for hours. One of the great things about this project is that kids can set it up and do it themselves. Avery has shown many friends how to make great designs on t-shirts, onesies, and small pieces of torn sheets.

I appreciate that all the above projects were done with household items or materials found close to home. We didn't need to run to the store to buy supplies, and the finished projects didn't take up much space or create too much waste. We are looking forward to receiving the next issue and rummaging through the medicine cabinet for fun.

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