Comings and Goings

The bookworm has emerged from a long intermission. She has wiggled her way out of her dark, constricting cocoon. She now has wings (freakish mutation, too many Red Bulls?). Flitting from book to book, she has an insatiable appetite for words. She devours whole books in a single meal, leaving behind a trail of bookmarks, stacks of books and dents in cushions. She has been spotted at the library, the book store, amazon.com. She may ask you for a recommendation when she runs out of her local food supply.

The crafty critter that usually resides here has suddenly disappeared. Perhaps she is hibernating in the back of the closet with her unfinished projects. She needs some time to ponder, dream up new ideas, take stock, survey damage. Sure, she might pick up a pair of socks and work a few rounds, or whip up a gift when needed, but she has lost her steam and the bookworm with wings has occupied her space. She has a hard time sharing her territory. She may consult with the bookworm for future projects. The bookworm enjoys crafting books too, after all.

If you are an observer in these parts, you may notice a change. The bookworm leaves behind less strings, less mess, more quotes. She gets a little excited about what she reads. She is very impressionable, and prone to make inspired changes. If she likes a book, she is prone to peddle. If she doesn't like a book, beware. No one knows how long the bookworm with wings will hang around. Eventually, her wings will get tired, shrivel away, and she will crawl back up to the bookshelf, collect dust, dream of new wings, start but rarely finish a book. Enjoy her stay while it lasts. She's an interesting creature.


  1. AnonymousJuly 11, 2007

    You really are such a very clever girl. :-)

  2. AnonymousJuly 11, 2007

    Perhaps your Red Bull needs to be diluted........home brew?


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