A Day Like Today

a day like today

A day spent with my kids and my husband,

meeting up with friends and running into others,

sipping and simmering,

walking and waiting,

laughing and listening,

peeling and pondering -

This life of mine,

it's small,

and enormous,

and good.

More to come,

but for now I'm savoring today

in its fullness.

savor today


  1. Aww, I love this! Very well said. :)

  2. A very close friend died unexpectedly last week and there have been so many loose ends to tie up, so many sadnesses. I have almost forgotten to savor my boy's 8th halloween, to dress him up, to watch the bees in their late-season forage, to watch the leaves. life goes on.
    love you.

    1. Melissa, My heart goes out to you in your time of loss.

  3. Always love hearing about your days.

  4. Gorgeous! Thanks for sharing all that the day was.

  5. But I want to hear more than that! Missing you.

  6. what an amazing life we have.

  7. You put words to the sense I was experiencing yesterday while driving the car whose stereo has been taken once too often, leaving us to decide to leave it stereo-less. . . I was marveling at the silence, then marveling at the "focus on the moment" it allowed me. The ability to moment focus stayed with me all day.
    My verbs were different, as were the people groups, but the sense that this is the life I have-- and am living-- and it is good very, very good was the same :)


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