Happy Tuesday

A short list of what's making me happy today:

Waking up early - just seconds before George's alarm - and taking my coffee out to the backyard to water the garden.  A small snapshot of what we've got in the ground so far: 170 strawberry plants, 3 dozen peppers (plus one more: I couldn't resist the Thai Hot), 2 dozen eggplant, 1 dozen tomatoes, and hundreds upon hundreds of seeds (cucumber, lettuce, tatsoi, spinach, basil, squash - to name a few).

An 8:30 CrossFit workout, which turned out to be more like a personal training session as I was the only one there.  600 meters farmer carry (carrying two 35 pound kettle balls), 60 ring pushups, 107 sit ups.  I cooled down by schlepping home a backpack full of lemons.  Thank you, Coach Elijah!

farmer carry
(Here's a snapshot of me doing a real-life farmer carry.)

Figuring out a relatively healthy and FREE! snack to take to baseball this week (oh, the pressure of being snack mom): Blackberry lemonade slushies.  We'll be juicing lemons for the next few days, mixing the juice with a few jars of the blackberry syrup I canned last summer, and freezing it in pint sized canning jars.


A package of grass fed steak defrosting in the kitchen sink, beets and sweet potatoes roasting in the oven, and beet greens soaking (just to get rid of the bugs and dirt).  When Amy told me about her Paleo chicken fried steak creation, I immediately put it on this week's menu.  Comfort dinner, here I come.  I earned you today.

What's making you happy this fine Tuesday?


  1. Looking good, mama! You rock. Dinner sounds very good and I must say your snack is brilliant. I will be stealing it.

  2. Look at you all ripped up... and sleeveless!!! Soaking up some of the radiant heat you are giving off!
    And I love that you can schlepp home from the gym with a backpack of lemons. Rocks!
    It all sounds great. I have to say the 170 strawberry plants is a dream!

  3. All that Crossfit and farmer's carries are paying off because girl, you're looking GOOD! (Maybe I need to try Crossfit. I'm in a total workout/motivation rut.)

    Coveting your garden. We poor Texans are afflicted with drought, and I've basically turned the garden plot over to my girls for the creation of an imaginary town (beautiful to the inner eye only).

  4. the garden sounds awesome! i'm scared to plant. the deer eat everything!

    and you, my friend, are looking quite healthy! maybe i need to move somewhere where the sun comes out a little earlier in the year than june! all the grey and chill is terrible for the motivation. (excuses again. hmmm...)

  5. AnonymousMay 01, 2012

    Hi Molly,
    I'd love to hear more about your garden. What will you do with all that eggplant? I am so new to gardening and love to hear/see what others are doing. Do you use box gardens? We are struggling with squirrels, they just climb right in the box gardens and chomp all the good looking strawberries.
    I love that shot of beet greens, they are so yum.

    Happy May!
    Dawn :)

    1. hi dawn! i have no idea what we'll do with all that eggplant, besides eat it until we're sick of it. i just couldn't resist the different varieties. we are just growing in long rows, right in the ground, no raised beds, this year. fortunately, the squirrels haven't been bothering our garden, but they do love our almond tree come september! hopefully aidan will have a thriving vegetable stand this summer.

  6. Oh, those strawberries sound wonderful!

    Today, I'm very happy about a major relocation we're planning http://chazandginger.blogspot.com/2012/05/and-skies-are-not-cloudy-all-day.html

  7. I am simultaneously inspired and jealous reading this post. Your CrossFit commitment is awesome and you look great. It's the one Paleo hurdle I have not yet tackled, though in my defense, the nearest gym is 40 minutes away. Still I want to get strong!

    As for your garden, what's your acreage? I have about 80 sq. ft. of raised beds...it's the best I can do on our mostly hill/pond land. I'm jealous of your ability to more or less grow food for a year so it seems. My space makes gardening more of a summer past time.

    Coffee outside while watering sounds lovely. I'm looking forward to doing the same once we warm up a bit here in the tundra (aka MN) and I can finally plant. Simple pleasures!

    1. before the crossfit gym opened just down the street, i had been contemplating driving 15 to 20 miles each way to a CF gym. i'm so glad i don't have to do that! i would find numerous excuses not to go. hopefully, as crossfit becomes more popular, more gyms will open - maybe even down the street from you!

      we only have 1/4 acre, but almost our entire backyard is devoted to growing food. we'd love to have more land one day, but for now, we're experimenting on a small scale and hoping to learn how to grow well (or, only fail on a small scale).

  8. 170 strawberry plants? Holy cow, lady, you've got a little farm going there! Now I need to make sure I see you this summer, because you'll be the person sharing strawberries with all of her friends!

    I was excited to see these hot sauce recipes in The SF Chronicle a few months back: http://www.sfgate.com/cgi-bin/article.cgi?f=/c/a/2012/03/02/FDAM1N79GD.DTL&ao=all Thought I'd share 'cause with all those peppers, looks like hot-sauce-making might be in your future!

  9. Nice Arms Molly! Geez Louise! I think it's safe to say that your paleo/crossfit routine is paying off :)

    1. thank you! believe it or not, i think my arms improved even more since this picture, thanks to six days in a row at the gym. can't wait to see what they look like next week! i'm a little addicted to lifting weights :)

  10. AnonymousMay 04, 2012

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  11. somehow, over the course of the week, my mind changed your 170 strawberry plants to 400 strawberry plants. and so, i've been wondering what in the world you plan on doing with so many strawberries!? i had to come back here today to double check, and saw it was "only" 170. that's a lot of smoothies. :) yum!

  12. I read this post and it made me so happy :) You look gorgeous and even more beautiful is the self care and love....xo

  13. Yum! Oh to be a child receiving your homemade delicious snack. :-)

  14. holy garden! holy workout! Holy yummy dinner! Holy guns on you, girl!
    thanks for all the inspiration, as always.

  15. Wowza mama!!! Your blog is lovely! I'm so glad I stumbled upon your bloggy goodness!

    Samantha (Woodland Woolens)


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